Superstar school crossing supervisors sought

Thursday 25 October 2018

Each year jobs are impacted by the introduction of new technologies, and sadly many become obsolete. However, there is one very important job that has managed to remain relatively unchanged for more than 65 years.

School Crossing Supervisors, traditionally known as “Lollipoppers” were first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1953, replacing policemen who had previously been tasked with crossing patrols.

Since their introduction, these important safety figures have become heroes to schools, parents and children, and have ingrained themselves in the landscape and hearts of our nation.

Frankston City Council is currently on the hunt for the next generation of local School Crossing Supervisors – and is casting their net wide in order to find the perfect people for the job.

Frankston City Mayor, Councillor Colin Hampton said Council had more than 20 positions available, and that anyone seeking a part-time career should consider apply.

“Gone are the days when only retirees looking to top up their pensions are applying for these roles. More and more we are experiencing younger people taking up the opportunities.  

“For many university students, the working hours fit well with their studies, and for stay-at-home parents the hours are also ideal” said the Mayor.

University student Meghan, who has been a School Crossing Supervisor since April 2017 said some of her friends and family laughed when she first told them she was becoming a Supervisor, saying it was a job for “old people”.

“It’s just not the case,” said Meghan.

“There are many things I love about my job. My morning and afternoons are filled with smiling faces, the hours are great and I get lots of Christmas cards,” Meghan laughed.

“It’s an honour that parents entrust me to keep their children safe, and I take that honour very seriously,” said Meghan.

There are currently 81 active school crossings across Frankston City and its suburbs, manned by more than 80 dedicated supervisors.

Anyone interested in applying will need to hold a current Victorian drivers licence and be willing to undergo a Working with Children Check.

To learn more visit the jobs page on Council’s website: or phone: 1300 322 322. Applications close 8 November, 2018.

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