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‘Rail under road’ for Frankston City

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Frankston City Council has made its position clear on the level crossing removals planned for the municipality. Frankston City Mayor Cr James Dooley said Council had taken a proactive approach to understanding the issues involved and will make a submission to the Level Crossing Removal Authority about Council’s preferred options.

“We have assessed the level crossing removal options at each nominated site and reached a considered and well balanced decision that is in the best interests of the Frankston City community. There still remains the question of local geology, which will be explained by the Level Crossing Removal Authority to Council later this year,” said the Mayor.

Seaford Road in Seaford, Skye/Overton Road in Frankston and Eel Race Road in Seaford are the three level crossings identified for removal in Frankston City.

“Council has affirmed that rail under road at the Seaford Road and Skye/Overton Road level crossings is the only appropriate method for removing these level crossings,” said the Mayor.

“We will not support any option that considers the removal of housing and both Council and the community have made it clear that the sensitive coastal environment in Frankston City is highly valued and must be protected,” said the Mayor.

“Council’s preference is also to keep the level crossing at Eel Race Road and to redirect the proposed funding to deliver a more visionary outcome for the Frankston Station Precinct which may include electrification of the railway line to Baxter,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor said the community’s passion on this issue had been inspiring and he thanked residents for speaking up for their local area.

Council also noted that the Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan MP’s statement from 13 June 2016 was appreciated: “We will not be building a Dandenong line-style ‘skyrail’ on the Frankston line.

“We welcome the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s commitment to removing level crossings within the Frankston municipality. We look forward to a future announcement on their preferred options and to working with them on this important project for the community,” said the Mayor.

“We look forward to more reliable and faster travel times to Melbourne as a result of these works on the Frankston line,” said the Mayor.

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