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Ordinary Council Meeting Highlights – Monday 12 August 2019

Monday 12 August 2019


Cr Hampton presented a petition containing 21 signatures requesting a high-fenced area within Sandfield Reserve on Sandfield Drive be accepted.

A Well Governed City

Following Cr Bolam’s resignation from the Audit and Risk Committee, Cr McCormack was endorsed to fill the vacancy.

Councillors noted their combined submission on the Local Government Bill 2019 Proposed reforms sent to Local Government Victoria on 12 July 2019, along with the Frankston Visitor Information Centre Progress Report.

Council endorsed the new Busking Code of Conduct and Street Performance Permit Conditions, to ensure high quality performers are attracted and regulated accordingly.   

A Well Planned City

Council voted to include conditions relating to Item 11.1 – a Planning Permit application for Frankston RSL, whereby the applicant must also include additional planting and landscaping as part of their design.

Several residents from Barmah Court in Frankston South spoke against items 11.2 - to use and develop land for a child care centre. While the initial officer recommendation was to grant a planning permit, Cr Toms alternate to refuse the application was carried unanimously.

Councillors agreed to revoke a letter issued to a local RSL group offering ongoing grant support, instead endorsing to provide in-kind officer support capped at $5,000 for event management purposes, and donate physical assets including tables and chairs for ongoing use as required.

Council supported a response to a petition to commence consultation with all property owners in Kelvin Grove, Langwarrin to seek their interest in constructing Kelvin Grove through a Special Charge Scheme. A report will go back to Council in November.

Officers were authorised to write to the Minister for Planning to request permission to prepare and exhibit a planning scheme amendment to introduce a Local Environmentally Sustainable Development (LESD) Policy in the Frankston Planning Scheme.

A Well Managed City

Council noted that a review of the Frankston Playspace strategy is required to guide future playspace provisions, and that a review would include play for all ages, including seniors. Council endorsed to refer $35,000 for consideration through the 2019-2020 mid-year budget review.

Following a review of expended community grant funds for 2018–2020, Council endorsed to heighten awareness of available grants, and increase Neighbourhood Grants’ from $100 to $250 for individuals, and from $100 to $500 for groups.

Notices of Motion

2019/NOM25 - Recycled Water Scheme Projects – Moved by Cr Hampton

Council will use data gathered through Stage 1 of the Robinson Recycled Water Scheme Project to complete the feasibility study of potential future projects, including a continuation of the pipeline from Robinsons Park to Lawton Reserve.

2019/NOM26 - Lawton Park Master Plan – Moved by Cr Hampton

A report on the cost of updating the master plan for Lawton Park and adjoining Council land be presented to the November 2019 Ordinary Meeting.

2019/NOM27 - Sandfield Reserve Fenced-off Leash-free area – Moved by Cr Hampton

A report will go back to the 18 November 2019 Ordinary Meeting for the feasibility and costings to establish a fenced dog leash-free area in Sandfield Reserve, Carrum Downs.

2019/NOM28 - Council Based Grants – Moved by Cr Bolam

Council will consider the establishment of a new Local Heritage grant category, which seeks to encourage owners and community groups to nominate buildings or areas within the municipality with either symbolic and/or historical value.

2019/NOM29 - Public Art Murals – Moved by Cr Bolam

Council agreed to refer $60,000 for two artworks under the Fletch Road overpass to the 2019–2020 Mid-year Budget for consideration.  

2019/NOM30 - Investigation of Major Projects – Moved by Cr Aitken

Council agreed to the creation of a register for all major projects to monitor incremental loss or impact and replacement of environmental attributes, such as vegetation and green space.

Urgent business

Leave of Absence was granted to Cr Hampton for the period of 10 September to 20 October 2019 (inclusive).


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