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Once, twice, three times a Mayor

Friday 8 November 2019

At last night’s Statutory Council Meeting, Councillor Sandra Mayer was appointed to the position of Frankston City Mayor, and Councillor Colin Hampton to the position of Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months.

This marks Councillor Mayer’s third term as Mayor, and Councillor Hampton’s second consecutive term as Deputy Mayor, with both Councillors expressing their appreciation for again being given the opportunity to lead Council.

Following her appointment, the Mayor repeated the Opening Prayer, highlighting its importance to her as a “spiritual” person.

“It doesn’t matter what religion you follow…It doesn’t matter who you call God, it just matters that you call God,” said the Mayor, noting the value of guidance in any form when making decisions impacting the community. 

During her acceptance speech, the Mayor referenced Council’s recent decision to preserve the green wedge, again reiterating how Council determinations have the power to change the future.

“Environmental issues are a priority of mine. I’ve been extremely vocal about this during my time on Council, and recently went on the record saying we are in a climate change emergency”.

“I’ll continue advocating in the chambers to find innovative ways to tackle local environmental issues.”

Following the closure of the meeting, Councillor Mayer remarked that it was important to her that Council continued on its path of working together, listening and respecting each other’s opinions, and most importantly, listening to the community.

“I’m passionate about improving the way we seek feedback from our community, and using that feedback to shape initiatives, projects and services that meet the needs of residents.

“As I said way back when I began my campaign for Council, I want to work with the community, for the community,” said the Mayor. 

The Mayor expressed her desire to set a positive example, especially to young people and women who may be considering running for Council in the future, and pledged to ramp up her already strong advocacy work in the area of family violence prevention.

“Like it or not, we are role models for our community, and our officers – so I will therefore focus on working alongside our new CEO to continue improving the culture of our organisation – because a healthy culture results in better outcomes for our community.”

Councillor Mayer thanked outgoing Mayor, Councillor Michael O’Reilly for his service over the last twelve months, paying credit to his ability to draw people together, including Council. Councillor Mayer also commended him on his willingness to dress up to promote Council’s many services and events.

The Mayor graciously acknowledged her fellow mayoral candidate, Councillor Quinn McCormack, commenting that she too would have made a wonderful mayor, and that whatever the outcome, she was glad that a woman had been appointed to the role.

“I take my responsibility as a Councillor very seriously, and I take my responsibility as a mayor very seriously. Which is why I want to ask all of my colleagues, that for the next year, let’s make the most of it.”

“This is the last year for the current Council before the elections, and while I know we have achieved some incredible things, there’s still plenty of work to be done,” the Mayor said. 

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