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New Public Sculptures

Friday 19 August 2016

Ten new public sculptures have been introduced at popular locations across Frankston City.  

Images of the other pieces are available via the open gallery:

  • ‘Cycle of Life - Longevity’ by Ron Gomboc
    Located out front of the Frankston Private Hospital
  • 'Mirage' by Deirdre Mair and Harry Sitt
    Located in front of the Frankston Yacht Club on the beach
  • ‘Intervention’ by Mike Van Dam
    Located in front of the Seaford Life Saving Club on the beach
  • Transfiguration link mobius XV by Mitsuo Takeuichi
    Located at Kananook Creek Boulevard near South East Water
  • ‘The Navigator’ by Calvert and Schiltz
    Located at Keast Park in Seaford
  • ‘Sea Breeze’ by Yamasaki
    Located at Frankston Library Forecourt
  • ‘Pot Will Move’ by Yoshio Nitta
    Located on Baxter Street rail overpass, Frankston

Keep an eye out for these exciting sculptural pieces when you're out and about in Frankston City.

King Coal - Louiss Pratt

‘King Coal’ by Louiss Pratt 
Located at the grass area near Long Island Drive across from the South East Water building    

Catch Me by Keld Moseholm at Seaford Community Centre

Catch Me by Keld Moseholm 
Outside of the Seaford Community Centre

Oushi Zokei Hexagonal - Keizo Ushio - Beauty Park, Frankston

Oushi Zokei Hexagonal - Keizo Ushio
Located at Beauty Park, Frankston near Yuille Street

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