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Lawton Reserve Car Park Upgrade - update

Friday 17 January 2020

Update 17 January 

Works are currently underway to upgrade the car park at Lawton Reserve in Langwarrin. In December 2019 during the works, a small amount of non-friable asbestos debris was encountered during excavations works.

Council has now removed all soil containing asbestos debris from site, under the guidance of an independent Hygienist in accordance with Worksafe and EPA requirements.

Following clean-up of the site no further visible asbestos debris has been found and an Asbestos Clearance Certificate has been provided.

Car park upgrade works will now continue as planned.

Further upcoming works will also be carried out at Lawton Reserve including:

  • New sports field lighting and car park lighting
  • New Fencing to Reserve frontage along Barretts Road
  • New Ball Stop Fence at end of Soccer Pitch on Barretts Road frontage

Works are envisaged to be completed late April 2020.


13 December

Works are currently underway to upgrade the car park at Lawton Reserve in Langwarrin. During the works, a small amount of non-friable asbestos was identified.

There is no immediate danger to residents or reserve users however as a precaution, Council has fenced off public access to the site and is managing it in line with current regulations.

Signage and CCTV will be in place to deter entry. Both the Langwarrin Soccer Club and immediate residents have been advised.

Council looks forward to delivering this important upgrade project in early 2020. 


Works are currently underway to upgrade the car park at Lawton Reserve in Langwarrin. During the works, a small amount of non-friable asbestos was identified.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a building material that was used widely up until the 1980s and is found in a range of building products and materials.  According to WorkSafe, materials containing asbestos are considered very low risk if they are in good condition, yet small fibre particles can pose a health risk if the material is sanded, drilled or sawn

Where/how was the asbestos found?

The contractor undertaking the car parking works at Lawton Reserve had discovered pieces of asbestos (non-friable) sheeting during the excavation of the bitumen area adjacent to pitch 3.  It appears that there was an old pavilion at this site and the old building materials were buried when it was demolished.     

The asbestos is limited to the works area. Council take appropriate precautions during all works in Frankston City to ensure any asbestos identified in contained in line

Is there any danger to residents/reserve users?

As long as people do not enter the worksite, there is no danger to the public.

Non-friable asbestos (also known as bonded asbestos) means that the asbestos fibres in the product are held within a solid matrix (e.g. cement in asbestos cement sheeting) and are less likely to become airborne, unless the product is damaged or has deteriorated.

Council is removing the asbestos in line with regulations and has capped the soil with plastic to avoid wind distribution prior to more permanent measure to seal the area.

Sporting clubs and residents may continue to use the reserve as normal. Council asks only that no one attempt to enter the work site and that extra precautions be taken to ensure. A CCTV camera will also be installed next week as a precaution, as well as air monitors that are checked regularly.

When is the material being removed?

The contractor will continue work on site with an environmental hygienist, to prepare the excavated base and arrange it to be capped with geofabric and gravel before the Christmas break.  

Soil removal works will start in early January 2020.

How will the material be removed?

Council has appointed licenced contractors and consultants to manage the removal of a large pile of soil at the site. The removal work will be overseen by an environmental hygienist. 

Residents may notice an increase in truck movements in the area whilst the removal process takes place.  Ground staff will be on-site to manage traffic at the site.

What steps have been taken to notify those affected?

Council has met with neighbouring residents and the Langwarrin Soccer Club, to ensure they are aware of the issue and are able to get in touch should they have any further questions or concerns. 

We are available via the below contact details, should anyone have questions.

Will the reserve be safe to use in the future?

The remainder of the reserve has not been disturbed and there is therefore no identified risk of danger to users of the park. The reserve remains safe for dogs. Please keep dogs on lead at all times.

Who can I speak to if I have questions or concerns?

Contact Rob Savoia, Coordinator Civil Infrastructure Phone: 9768 1563  Email:

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