Last chance to have your healthy words heard

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Frankston City Council is proposing a new Healthy Choices Policy to encourage community health and wellbeing and it’s calling on the community to have its say by the end August.

The policy aims to increase accessibility and availability of healthy food and drink options at all council-run facilities and functions, including events and community meetings.

Frankston Mayor Michael O’Reilly said “it is an important policy which needs community input”.

“Eating right is the cornerstone to living a healthy life and so through this policy, Council aims to make it easier for our community to access healthy food and drinks through all of our services.” The Mayor said.

“At Frankston City Council we want to lead by example so that people have more options to access healthy foods eat in our municipality, while still respecting consumer choice.”

Some Frankston City businesses have already made healthier changes to their menus such as Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC), and through the VicHealth funded Water in Sport Program Council is working with 13 other council-owned sports and leisure facilities to make water the drink of choice.

“Introducing the Healthy Choices Policy will help Frankston City Council to respond to the growing community demand to see healthy food and drink options on more menus in our municipality,” the Mayor said.

“We hope the community can help us shape this policy by having their say on what it includes so it can influence a positive change in the Frankston food landscape.”

The proposed new policy can be downloaded from the Have Your Say section at

Submissions close 27 August 2019. 

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