Frankston City Council commits to future of sports in Frankston

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Frankston City Council said it is “unfortunate and regrettable” a proposed redevelopment of Frankston Basketball Stadium won’t be able to go ahead for reasons beyond the Council’s control.

Council said the Frankston Basketball Stadium will continue to operate as normal and that the Council will continue to work closely with peak sports bodies to ensure Frankston City residents’ love and need for sport is well catered for.

“Nobody is a winner out of this. As a Council we were ready and willing to commence work on delivering a terrific updated facility. Instead, we will refocus our efforts on providing improved basketball facilities in other ways for our community,” Mayor Colin Hampton said.

“The decision to withdraw from the project was made for reasons beyond Council’s control and in the best interests of the entire Frankston City community after two-and-a-half years of negotiations failed to reach an agreement,”

“Agreements that were made at an earlier meeting overseen by former Federal Member for Dunkley Bruce Bilson on lease arrangements, project scope and for the FDBA to provide full financial accounts have failed to be met and for this reason the project cannot continue,”

“Frankston City Council will continue to work with peak sporting bodies for the health and wellbeing of all locals. From 2016 to 2018 Frankston City Council will invest almost $12.8 million in community sport and we’re committed to delivering even more in the future.”

“We tried very hard to accommodate the FDBA but the FDBA reneged on agreements and tried to drive too hard a bargain.”

Frankston City Council will work with the state and federal government to ensure that the funds earmarked for the Frankston Basketball Stadium upgrade are reallocated to other sports projects in Frankston.

“At Frankston City Council we know how important sport is to the community, especially for children, in terms of health, wellbeing, socialisation and building confidence and a sense of achievement.”

“We will continue to work with sporting bodies for the health and wellbeing of all locals.”

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