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Dogs in the city centre - DAMP review

Friday 13 March 2020

Council recognises the current ban on dogs in Frankston’s city centre is a topic that generates a passionate response from residents, on both sides of the argument. 

The topic has been debated over many years and to address this, Council has held two separate and extensive community consultations on the issue as part of previous DAMP reviews. This was to ensure everyone invested in the issue had a chance to voice their opinion and we could then make a decision to uphold or remove the ban based on measured public opinion. 

From these consultations, feedback revealed more than 50% of residents do not want dogs introduced into the city centre, due to safety concerns, so the ban was upheld. 

The motion to remove this topic from the upcoming Domestic Animal Management Plan community consultation was about ensuring other important issues covered in the plan aren’t overshadowed. 

The plan includes key animal management topics such as foreshore restrictions, cat curfews, walking dogs in parks and reserves, identifying free roam areas and general responsible pet ownership, which need a chance to be addressed in their own right. 

The Domestic Animal Management Plan will be available on Council’s website for community feedback from late March 2020. 

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