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Council’s bushfire prevention sets community in good stead

Wednesday 15 January 2020

 As a result of the devastating bushfires currently burning across the county, Council has received a large volume of queries from residents, rightfully concerned about potential fire hazards in local reserves and other Council-owned areas.

Each year, Council undertakes thorough seasonal bushfire preparation, including:

  • Property inspections
  • Fuel reduction (such as manual clearing of fine fuels and controlled burn-offs in our reserves)
  • Emergency management planning
  • Maintaining fire breaks
  • Vegetation management
  • Tree maintenance
  • Responding to requests for fire management in specific locations and more

Council also continually evaluates and improves Frankston City’s prevention and emergency systems, to ensure residents and visitors stay safe.

Frankston City Mayor, Councillor Sandra Mayer said she can understand residents’ concern and vigilance, in light of the recent and unprecedented bushfire situation being experienced across the country.

“I applaud residents for taking the time to get in touch, and for the concern they are showing for their community’s safety during this difficult time.

“However, I want to reassure everyone, Council has a tried and tested bushfire management and prevention system in place, which is constantly being reviewed and strengthened,” said the Mayor.

Residents have also voiced concerns about whether conservation efforts are hampering fire management strategies, such as controlled burn-offs.

“I want to emphasise that Council has maintained its previous bushfire management system and this has not changed,” said the Mayor.

“We are also a sustainable Council, dedicated to conservation and we at all times balance the need to preserve and grow our natural environment with the need to be safe during bushfire season.

“Our recent declaration of a Climate Emergency reflects this dedication and we are passionate about ensuring we preserve this amazing planet of ours for future generations to enjoy.

“This declaration will result in direct action by Council to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, to prevent rising temperatures and extreme weather conditions, which can make bushfires more severe and harder to fight.”

Residents can also do their bit at home, to minimise the risk of damage to property and wildlife should a bushfire occur.

Precautions include:
1. Recognising the restrictions put in place during the Fire Danger Period (FDP), particularly on days of Total Fire Ban
2. Clearing your property of any loose green waste such as leaves and branches
3. Clearing gutters
4. Storing flammable liquids away from the house
5. Pruning trees and shrubbery that overhangs buildings
6. Select plants with low flammability

For more advice about preparing your property for the fire season visit:


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