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Council Meeting Highlights - OM14 - 18 November 2019

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Planning applications

11.1        Planning Application 167/2019/P - 3N High Street Frankston

Council approved this application, to construct sports lighting at Frankston Park.

11.2        Town Planning Application 343/2019/P- 24 and 26 Playne Street Frankston

Cr Hampton moved that this item be deferred to the next Ordinary Council Meeting.

A Liveable City

Cr Hampton deferred item, 12.11 – Neighbourhood Houses Section 86 Committee – until such time as Councillors can have conversations with all the current community house committees.

Council noted the organisation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage and costs for 2018/19, and adopted officer’s recommendation to increase the organisation’s mains water use target to 150 mega litres per year by 2026.

Council noted its Miscellaneous Grants Program funding allocations for the period of 1 July to 30 September 2019.

Council received the quarterly progress report for the first quarter (July - September) for the 2019/20 Capital Works Program.

Council noted an investigation undertaken and preferred concept options to better manage sedimentation at the entrance to Kananook Creek, and supported further investigation into improved dredging strategies and availability of more efficient dredging equipment. A working group comprising Councillors, State Government departments and key community stakeholders to develop a governance model for Kananook Creek will be formed, and a report will return to Council later by June 2020.

Council approved in principle concept designs for a new toilet block at Peninsula Reserve. Works will be completed in the 2020–2021 Financial Year.

Council noted the applications for the Best Street Award, and agreed to move all to finalist stage. An overall winner will be announced at an event in December 2019. Funding for next year’s Best Street Award Program will be reallocated to other initiatives to promote neighbourhood pride.

 $86,980 was referred to the 2020/21 Budget Review for a fenced dog off leash area at Sandfield Reserve.

A Well Governed City

Council received the Notices of Motion Report as at 18 November 2019, outlining completed notices of Motion.

Council endorsed its Letter under Seal Policy, following four weeks public consultation along with its Revised Child Safe Policy.

Council’s Revised ESD Standard for Council Buildings Policy and Compliance Management Framework was placed on public exhibition for four weeks, with a report on both items to return to Council in February 2020.

Council’s draft Compliance Management Framework, Legislative Compliance Policy and Exercising Delegations Policy will be placed on public exhibition for four weeks, following which a report will go back to Council by February 2020. Council also noted its Authorisation and Appointment Policy will be presented back to Council for consideration in July 2020.

Council received and noted the Council Financial Report for the quarter ended 30 September 2019.

Council delegates to external and internal committees and boards were appointed. Check Council’s website in the coming week to view updates.

Council has sent a letter to the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) to reaffirm Council's status as a signatory to the Victorian Local Government Women's Charter. An International Women’s Day event is scheduled for 2020, recognising the centenary in December 2019 of the first ever woman elected to local government.

A template will be developed to capture minutes from resident and developer meetings.

Following a petition containing 499 signatures against the proposed development of the Langwarrin Library and Family Centre located at Lloyd Park North at Pindara Boulevard, Council will review alternative locations.

Council noted its Legal Expenditure Summary Report, and approved a future quarterly summary be included in the Councillor Bulletin. Council will also revise the administrative process for obtaining legal advice to ensure value for money.

A Well Managed City

Council responded to a petition containing 552 signatures requesting an urgent safety audit of the crossing point and pedestrian refuge on McCormicks Road. Council will seek a Memorandum of Authority (MOA) from the Department of Transport (DoT) for the installation of pedestrian operated signals outside Oak Tree Retirement Village to improve pedestrian access and safety across McCormicks Road.

Council noted the survey results from the consultation undertaken with property owners in Kelvin Grove, Langwarrin, in relation to the construction of the road through a Special Charge Scheme. Due to lack of resident support, no further investigations will be undertaken.

Officers were authorised to allocate $16,000 through the 2019/20 capital works variation process for the following to be undertaken at Nat’s Track.

  • $1,600 for warning signs (ie. gates, CCTV, how to report anti-social behaviour etc)
  • $10,400 as a grant to Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club towards the construction and installation of access gates at either end of Nat’s Track
  • $4,000 as a grant contribution to Monterey Secondary College VCAL for a school based project to construct landscaped chicanes

A further $80,000 is committed in the 2019/20 Midyear Budget Review for a CCTV camera on the Skye Road end of Nat’s Track. A report investigating further upgrades, including solar lighting will be presented to Council in February 2020.

The progress report in response to NOM 1389 Ballam Park Precinct Improvements was noted by Council. A commitment was also made to submit an application to the Victorian Government’s Community Infrastructure Loan (low interest) Scheme for an estimated cost of $3 million for Entrance Precinct improvement works. Community consultation on what form the works should take was also approved, with a report returning to Council in June 2020.

Officers were authorised to establish a Local Heritage Preservation grant category under the annual community grants. Council committed $40,000 to the 2020/21 Annual Budget process for consideration noting a grant under this category will be capped at $10,000

Council noted that discussion have occurred with the Downs Estate Community Project (DECP) subsequent to the September Ordinary Meeting, and that the following documents had now been received.

  • University of Melbourne (UOM) Business Case Letter
  • DECP Response to Council
  • DECP List of Potential Contributors

    As a results, Council:

  • Supported officers to further discuss with the UOM their funding and business case proposal, and release $25,000 held by Council subject to an agreement and approvals
  • Agreed to give DECP the final extension of time to complete a business case for the dwelling 

A report will go back to Council in August 2020.

A Well Planned City

Council noted that Amendment C131 was exhibited for a 28 day term, with no submissions received. Council moved to adopt the amendment, and authorised officers to request formal approval from the Minister for Planning. 

Council noted the September 2019 Planning and Environment Progress Report.

Council endorsed the Clyde and Station Street Mall stage 2 concept designs, and approved a 4 week public exhibit. Council also authorised commencement of the statutory process to consider the closure of a section of Clyde Street Mall in Frankston, between Balmoral Avenue and Ross Smith Avenue East, to vehicular traffic.

Council approved to undertake community consultation as part of the master planning process for Lawton, Langwarrin Equestrian Reserve, North Reserve, Stringybark Reserve and Southgateway Reserve using existing 2019/20 capital works funding. $70,000 was referred to the 2020/21 annual budget for the completion of the master planning process.

Notices of Motion

14.1        2019/NOM50 - Climate Emergency – moved by Cr Mayer – carried unanimously

Councillors stood united to declare a climate change emergency, and made a commitment to review its Climate Change Impact and Adaption Plan, advocate to state and federal governments to also declare an emergency and to work will the community to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and how they can build resilience. 

14.2        2019/NOM51 - Community Safety in the CAA – moved by Cr Hampton – carried unanimously

Councillors agreed that future Community Safety Meetings be minuted, detailing issues and suggestions, and that such minutes be tabled with Council at the next Ordinary Meeting in the Open Agenda. Council also requested that any issues raised at these meetings, initiatives or ideas and/or requests to Frankston Police, be forwarded in detail to Frankston Police along with a request for a detailed response.

14.3        2019/NOM52 - Kananook Creek Arboretum – moved by Cr Bolam – carried unanimously

Following a proposal presented by the Kananook Creek Association, a report will be presented to Council in February 2020 on the scope and funding options for the ‘Kananook Creek Arboretum’.

14.4        2019/NOM53 - Councillors Code of Conduct – moved by Cr Aitken – carried unanimously

Councillors will undertake a review of the current Councillor Code of Conduct.

14.5        2019/NOM54 - Mass Tree Planting Program – moved by Cr Bolam – carried unanimously

That the Urban Forest Action Plan report, due before Council in early 2020, is to include an option for the consideration by Council for the implementation of a bulk tree planting program throughout the municipality. The report will contain details on recommended species, locations etc.

14.6        2019/NOM55 - North-West Projects – moved by Cr Bolam – carried

Council requested a report be prepared for the January 2020 Ordinary meeting to investigate funding several community infrastructure projects through both Council’s strategic reserve and low interest loans.

Urgent Business

The Mayor will send a letter to the Minister Hunt requesting a pilot program to enhance access to Medically Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MATOD).

Council approved the draft Community Engagement Policy and Framework to be released for public exhibition for a period of 6 weeks. A report will be presented to Council by February 2020.

Council granted permission to Peninsula Leisure’s to respond to the Tender for Pines Forest Aquatic Centre and the Expression of Interest for the new Frankston Health and Wellbeing Hub. 

Council will send a letter signed by the Mayor to the Honourable Marlene Kairouz MP supporting the Reforms to Responsible Gambling Codes.  


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