Council Meeting Highlights – 14 December 2020

Tuesday 15 December 2020

11.1 - Application 158/2020/P – 70 Potts Road, Langwarrin 3910 - To construct and use two (2) rooming houses on one lot in a General Residential Zone (GRZ) – refused

11.2 - Town Planning No. 4/2019/P – 28 Beach Street, Frankston - To erect and display an electronic major promotion sign on the pedestrian bridge across Beach Street – refused

11.3 – Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment C144 – Frankston Gap Heritage Review 2020 - Include properties identified as having local heritage significance into the Heritage Overlay in the Frankston Planning Scheme – deferred pending further consultation with landowners

11.4 – Council received the Statutory Planning Progress Reports for the months of August, September and October 2020

12.1 – Council received the Notices of Motion Report for 14 December 2020 and Urgent Business Status Update for 14 December 2020. Council noted that since the Ordinary Meeting held on 23 November 2020, 25 resolutions have been completed.

12.2 – Council received the External Committee Minutes for the Executive Management Team, including:

  • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee – 24 September 2020
  • RAD-FMP Steering Committee - 13 October 2020
  • Frankston Football Club Inc Board Meeting – 19 June 2020
  • Frankston Football Club Inc Board Meeting – 17 July 2020
  • Frankston Football Club Inc Board Meeting – 21 August 2020
  • Frankston Football Club Inc Board Meeting – 18 September 2020

12.3 – Council received the minutes of the following Committees to which a Councillor delegate has been appointed:

  • Centenary Park Golf Liaison Committee – August 2020
  • Soccer Liaison Committee – September 2020

12.4 – Council adopted is Council Meeting dates for 2021, available to view here: Council noted that meetings will continue to be hosted at the Frankston Arts Centre until otherwise advised.

12.5 – Council authorised the updated Instruments of Appointment and Authorisation to be signed and sealed.

12.6 – Council will continue to appoint the Manager Community Strengthening as Council’s member to the Board of Management (Board) for Frankston Football Club Incorporated in a non-voting capacity. Council further noted that a report will be considered by no later than May 2021, to determine if the appointment should continue.

12.7 – Council noted the draft Conflict of Interest Policy (Policy) was publicly exhibited for a period of four (4) weeks from Monday 26 October 2020, following the Election Period, and no written submissions were received. As a result, the Policy was adopted.

12.8 – Council endorsed the Occupational Health and Safety Policy to be placed on public exhibition for a period of six weeks. A report will be presented back to Council no later than February 2021, to adopt the Policy, taking into account any submissions received.

12.9 – Council endorsed the Municipal Early Years Community Engagement Plan to enable the development of the Municipal Early Years Action Plan, which is expected to be submitted to Council for adoption by May 2021. Council also endorsed the Positive Aging Community Engagement Plan to enable the development of the Positive Ageing Action Plan which is also expected to be submitted to Council for adoption by May 2021.

12.10 – Council noted its Update on Coronavirus Report which outlines its response to the impacts for COVID-19. As part of this item, Council increased its Relief and Recovery Package by $258,500 to a total package value of $7,121,153. Council further committed to the reallocation of $200,000 to the following organisations:

  • $103,000 to Peninsula Community Legal for advocacy and legal services for family violence and tenant’s rights;
  • $47,000 to the Frankston Charitable Fund to support grant allocations;
  • $50,000 to ‘top up’ existing grants to attract businesses to operate long term vacant shop fronts in the municipality

12.11 – Council received the Peninsula Leisure 2019–2020 Annual Report, which will remain confidential, unless otherwise resolved by Council as it contains private commercial information.

12.12 – Council supported the work undertaken to date to reactivate business precincts and outdoor dining, and noted that $650,000 has been received from the State Government in addition to Council’s current financial contribution of $220,000.

12.13 – Council awarded contract CN10453 to G&S Fortunato Group Pty Ltd (ACN 102 562 685) for $987,732.75 GST exclusive.

12.14 – Council noted a petition containing 14 signatures requesting Council to cancel planning permit 72/2020/VS issued to 435 Robinsons Road, Langwarrin which was received by Council at its meeting of 21 September 2020. Council noted a further petition containing 7 signatures suggesting it is Council’s responsibility to enforce the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 s.61 in regards to a fence at 435 Robinsons Road, Langwarrin, which was received at is meeting of 23 November 2020. Officers from Council’s Building Services, Environmental Health, Prosecutions and Planning Compliance teams have attended the subject sites and determined that no breaches had been made, and will therefore advise the head petitioners that no action will be taken on either matter.  

13.1 – Council noted the future quarterly summary reports on external legal expenditure will be   included in the CEO’s quarterly report to Council going forward, and adopted the Legal Advice Protocol which has been developed in response to 2019/NOM12. 


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