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Community spirit on display at Frankston Library crochet and knit-a-thon

Thursday 9 January 2020

More than 100 people turned out at Frankston Library yesterday (Wednesday 8 January) to crochet and knit nests for wildlife affected by Australia’s recent bushfire crisis.

People came from Frankston City, the Mornington Peninsula, City of Casey and suburbs as far away as Taylors Hill and St Kilda to dedicate three hours to the crochet and knit-a-thon.

The Peninsula Belles Branch of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria and members of the public generously donated wool for the occasion.

Frankston City Council Mayor, Sandra Mayer, said library staff were humbled by the donations and turnout.

“We’re so lucky to live in a community like this where people will come together with little notice to help those in need,” Cr Mayer said.

“This event was a great opportunity for people to chat and support each other while helping those animals whose habitats were directly impacted.

“The library was buzzing with community spirit, with more experienced knitters helping out those just starting out.”

Sandra Wylie of Mount Martha said she saw the event on Facebook and thought her daughter, Elisia and Elisia’s friend, Billie (both 12) would like to get involved.

“I knew they were both very passionate about animals and thought they would like to come along. I grew up in Gippsland and even last year we holidayed in Yarrawonga.  What has happened down there is very sad,” Sandra said.

“We both really care about animals so when Mum told us this was on, we wanted to come and help out,” Elisia added.

Billie said she was using purple wool to make a nest because purple and green were her favourite colours.

“We used to knit at school and it is really cool. We thought it would be a great to help the animals.”

Emma Waters of Clyde North attended the event with her grandmother, Elizabeth, twin sons, Lucas and Isaac (6) and daughter, Isla (4).

“I’ve seen the news about the bushfires and thought this was something practical we could do to help our environment. I haven’t knitted in a while and it was something nice Nanna and I could do together. She taught me to knit when I was about nine,” Emma said.

If you are hosting a bushfire relief community fundraising event, visit this page to see how Council can support you.

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