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Big Picture Fest 2020 rolls into Frankston

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Frankston will become a canvas for some of the world’s best street artists later this month, when Big Picture Fest rolls into town for the third time.

The city’s streets and laneways will be transformed by Australian artists and those from as far away as Spain, Italy and the United States. Lucky locals and visitors will get to see the work unfold.

To catch the artists in action head down to Frankston from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 March for the FREE street art festival which will kick off with a Block Party on Friday 20 March.

The Block Party will run from 4-10pm and will feature food trucks, as well as live music by Henry Wagons & The Only Children, Brooke Taylor and Grey Horizon.

FREE street art walking tours will take place throughout the festival so sign up now to hear the stories behind 20 of the city’s beautiful murals.

Frankston City Council Mayor, Sandra Mayer, said the four-day festival brought the creative community together and attracted visitors into the city centre.

“Frankston’s street art has become part of the fabric of this city and we can’t wait to see the new works unfold,” Cr Mayer said.

“The murals by local and international artists leave a lasting impression on our community and people travel to see them long after the festival is over.”

For more information visit our Big Picture Fest 2020 webpage.

To book a street art walking tour visit: or phone the Frankston Visitor Information Centre: 1300 322 842

Big Picture Fest artists and locations 2020

Silence (Frankston) – Gallery Lane


Silence is a Frankston City aerosol artist, with 25 years of experience. He has been part of the evolution of Melbourne graffiti and street art culture for most of his life. Silence is known for his clean, sharp, strong lines, attention to detail and determination for perfection. His work is abstract, contemporary, reflective and draws on nostalgia from the eighties and nineties. He enjoys experimenting with recycled materials such as pipes, rust and 3D objects to add texture, depth, and emphasis of a concept.

Melbourne’s Murals (Melissa Turner and Brigitte Dawson, Frankston) – Stiebel Place

Melbourne's Murals.jpg

Melissa Turner connects and communicates with the world through painting. She also creates stunning sculptures with diverse materials including through the art of metal manipulation. With a strong desire to support those less fortunate, Melissa has donated many paintings to charities and fundraisers.

Brigitte Dawson is a talented artist, painter and sculptor who drew inspiration from Michelangelo after spending time in Italy. Brigitte focuses on delicate art surrounding the finesse of the human body.

Abbey Rich (Victoria) – Thompson Lane

Abbey Rich.jpg

Abbey Rich is a multidisciplinary artist working across canvas, walls and the body. Her work primarily focuses on the organic relationships people foster with each other and the natural world.

Puzle (Melbourne) – Thompson Lane


Puzle was prolific in the eighties and nineties and his name has since become synonymous with Australian graffiti and design. Puzle created the famous book KINGS WAY, which many consider the most concise record of the graffiti subculture in Melbourne.

CLAP Meataxe Design (Victoria) – Thompson Lane


CLAP Meataxe Design was founded by Mark ‘Meataxe’ Taylor. His love of spray can art was inspired by the colourful work which spanned the train lines he travelled as a teenager. Mark and his talented crew have transformed some of the world’s most prominent and successful gym chains.

Andrew Frazer (Western Australia) – Wells Lane


Andrew Frazer is a multidisciplinary artist from Gelorup, Western Australia. He is influenced by common shared stories that remind his audience members of their humanity and draw on their inner child through subtle textures, whimsical characters and imaginative landscapes.

PichiAvo (Spain) – Olsen Street


Street art duo Juan Antonio Sánchez Santos and Álvaro Hernández Santaeulalia formed PichiAvo in 2007 and are famous for the way they create connections between painting and sculpture in urban settings.

Vesod (Italy) – Ross Smith Lane


Vesod explores renaissance art and futurism in his work and was heavily influenced by his father, Dovilio Brero, a surrealistic painter. Vesod’s passion for mathematics can be seen in the way he harmonises anatomic proportions and futuristic dynamics.

ELLE (United States and Australia) – Gallery Lane


Although ELLE started out as an illegal graffiti artist in New York, she is now considered one of the top touring street artists. Her work has been exhibited in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, and as a huge projection on the New Museum in New York.

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