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A reminder to keep recycling in the lead up to National Recycling Week

Thursday 31 October 2019

In the lead up to National Recycling Week, (11-19 November), Council is calling for a refresh when it comes to recycling so we can all continue to reduce any contamination in the kerbside recycling collections. 

Frankston City Mayor Michael O’Reilly said it was important everyone played their part when it comes to recycling.

“We understand it is easy to forget, or become confused about what items can go into your recycling bin,” the Mayor said.

“But it’s important we all play a part in the solution to reducing the contamination in the recycling bin because this is key to improving the Australian recycling industry.”

The Mayor said National Recycling Week “is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the recycling dos and don’ts”.

“Items such as aluminium foil, metal food cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic shampoo bottles, aerosol cans, paper and cardboard can all be recycled in your yellow-lidded recycling bin if the food/liquid has been removed,” he said.

“However, items that cannot be recycled in your fortnight kerbside recycling collection include clothing, e-waste such as batteries and computers and soft scrunchable plastics like plastic bags and bread packaging.”

Household recycling in Frankston City is processed at Polytrade Recycling, where it is sorted into different streams such as paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, aluminium and steel.

Polytrade Recycling then sell the sorted recycling to different markets for further processing and recycling.

Annually, Frankston City collects approximately 15,000 tonnes of materials for recycling, including 8,000 tonnes of paper/cardboard, 5,000 tonnes of glass 2,000 tonnes of plastics and other materials including e-waste.

The Victorian Government has introduced a ban on the disposal of e-waste (unwanted or broken electronic products with a battery, cord or plug) into landfill.

This means that e-waste is no longer accepted in kerbside bins across Victoria.

There are now a number of local drop-off locations for mobile phones, batteries, and cameras, as well as large e-waste items such as TVs and computers.

Residents can visit Council’s A-Z Waste and Recycling Directory: to find drop off points.

For more information on recycling in Frankston City, visit: 

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