Proposed public open space contributions

Council is proposing to introduce new public open space contribution rates into the Frankston Planning Scheme.

The community consultation via the Our Say website is open until Monday 29 October, 2018.

What is a public open space contribution?

Any person who proposes to subdivide land may be required to make a contribution to Council for improvements to Frankston’s public open space network. Contributions can be provided as a portion of land or financially through a cash-in-lieu system.

As Frankston’s population continues to grow, the demand for public open space and recreational assets and facilities throughout the municipality is expected to increase. Funding received from these contributions is fundamental to providing a high quality, publicly accessible open space network that can effectively service Frankston’s current and future populations.

What are public open space contributions used for?

Funding received from public open space contributions can be deployed anywhere within the Frankston municipality as long as the funds are used exclusively for public open space land purchases or embellishments. For example:

  • Playground equipment
  • Lighting
  • Pedestrian and cycling paths
  • Plantings
  • Signage

How do public open space contributions work?

Council asks for a public open space contribution for any residential, commercial or industrial subdivision of more than two lots. If a subdivision is proposed for only two lots, Council will request a contribution if those lots have the potential to be further subdivided.

In accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988, a contribution of up to, but not exceeding 5% is generally required. Where acceptable to Council, this can be provided as a portion of land, as a cash-in-lieu contribution (calculated as a percentage of the land’s total value) or as a combination of both.

If a public open space contribution is provided as land, it is usually identified on the Plan of Subdivision when applied for. A cash-in-lieu contribution must be paid before Council issues a Statement of Compliance for the subdivision. A valuation is obtained and the contribution appraised when requested by the applicant.

What is Council proposing to do?

Council is proposing to introduce new contribution rates within a Schedule to Clause 53.01 of the Frankston Planning Scheme. These new rates are anticipated to recover substantial costs required to fund Council’s planned open space works and allow Council to target open space spending in areas of greatest need.

Council is proposing the following rates: 

  • An 8% contribution rate for the subdivision of land within the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC);
  • A 5% contribution rate for the subdivision of land outside the FMAC which includes any lots having an area of 1,000 square metres or less; and
  • A 2% contribution rate for the subdivision of land outside the FMAC where all lots have an area of 1,001 square metres or greater.

Why is Council proposing these contribution rates?

The proposed new contribution rates have been determined by the cost of open space works needed to adequately service Frankston’s future populations as identified in the Frankston City Open Space Strategy 2016-2036.

To view the Frankston City Open Space Strategy 2016-2036 please visit:

More information is also available under the related documents section of this page.

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