Proposed Live Streaming Policy

Council proposes to endorse a Live Streaming Policy (Policy), which provides clear guidance on the live streaming of Council meetings. It is proposed that the recordings be made available on the website for 12 months and retained for a maximum of two (2) years. It also details who will be visible during recording and the process for notifying the Mayor if a person does not wish to be recorded.

Copies of the proposed Policy is available from the Civic Centre during office hours or on Council’s website

Any person may make a written submission to the proposed Policy. All submissions received on or before Monday 24 February 2020 will be considered and included as part of the Council Report that will be presented to Council at its Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 12 March 2020. Submissions should be addressed to: Governance Team, Frankston City Council, PO Box 490, Frankston, 3199.  Submissions may also be hand delivered to the Civic Centre, or emailed to 

Submitters should note that unless a submitter requests to the contrary, copies of submissions (including the submitters’ names and addresses) may also be included in the Council meeting agenda and minutes, which are a permanent public record, and which are published on Council’s website.  

Phil Cantillon


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