Proposed Frankston Foreshore Boardwalk Lighting

Council is seeking to improve pedestrian safety and amenity along the Frankston Foreshore Boardwalk with the installation of lighting from the Frankston Pier (near Sofia's Restaurant) south towards Olivers Hill.

Council has an allocated budget of approximately $175,000 for boardwalk lighting in this years' capital works program.

In developing proposed concepts, Council has designed options with minimal or no negative environmental impacts by reducing lux levels and avoiding overhead poles.

If you're a nearby resident or visitor to the Frankston Waterfront, Council wants to hear your feedback on two proposed lighting options being considered.

Option One

Installation of 2 watt lights at 3.5 metre centres along the eastern side of the boardwalk at approx. 1.2 metres height which would illuminate the boardwalk surface.


Artists impression.

Option Two

Installation of 4 watt light at 2.0 metre centres along the eastern and western sides of the boardwalk at approximately 200 mm height which would up light the boardwalk and wash across the surface.

Provide your feedback here by 5pm, Friday 13 March 2020.

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