Frankston City Heritage Register - Nominations now open

Do you know a building, site, structure or landscape feature which you believe has outstanding historical, aesthetic or cultural significance?

Council is seeking nominations for significant heritage sites throughout Frankston City.

Significant sites of heritage value can include buildings, gardens, cemeteries, street furniture, bridges, public art and more. Anyone can make a nomination for a heritage site on public or private property. Your nominations might be made for historical, aesthetic, architectural, social, cultural or other reasons.

How to nominate a heritage site

Nominations close 29 March, 2019. 

  • Nominations may be made by any member of the community for heritage sites located on either public or private property in the Frankston municipality.
  • You may nominate more than one site, however each site must have a separate form.
  • Please complete the form as fully as possible, and explain your reasons for nominating.
  • All nominations will be collated and reviewed. A full heritage assessment will determine whether a site meets the threshold of ‘local significance’ and a detailed report will be prepared in due course.

More information is available about the nomination process and protection afforded by the Heritage Overlay via the Information sheet below: 

To check if a building, place, structure or landscape feature is already protected by a Heritage Overlay, please view Frankston City Council's heritage register below:

To make a nomination please complete the nomination form below: 

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