FCC Contributory Schemes Policy - Community Consultation

Revision and Update of Frankston City Council's Contributory Schemes Policy

What is the Contributory Schemes Policy?

It’s a procedural guide on how the Council would go about creating and implementing a contributory scheme project through special rates and charges. Residents who receive a special benefit from the project would be required to contribute.

How has it been changed?

The Contributory Schemes Policy has been revised to meet current legislative requirements and Council’s latest guidelines and policies. It has also been reviewed to bring it into line with other outer metropolitan Councils and to take into account precedents set at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). 

The major changes proposed to the policy are:

• A review of the current identified list of prioritised road construction projects to be considered for construction through Contributory Schemes;

• Removal of Footpath and Bicycle Path Projects from being constructed through Contributory Schemes;

• Encourage minimising removal of native vegetation during Contributory Schemes projects;

• Proposing to introduce a minimum contribution by Council of 20% for Schemes;

• Defines rural areas as those outside the urban growth boundary. This is applicable in determining the type and standard of road to be proposed;

• Provides a method through which Council intends to contribute to the scheme to recognise the broader benefit to the community through construction of a road; and

• Clarifies how benefit units can be applied to land owners in a variety of scenarios.

What does this exactly mean for residents living on unconstructed roads?

The Local Government Act allows Council to construct roads with contributions from benefiting land owners. This policy will impact landowners who live on unconstructed roads, or use unconstructed roads to access their properties, when the time comes to construct those roads.

The policy will also guide how much each landowner will contribute.

What type of feedback do we want from residents?

We need the community’s views on any aspect of the draft policy document, including where their unconstructed road currently sits on the priority list.

Have Your Say

The Community Consultation is open until Friday 22 March, 2019.

Your views are sought on the Draft Contributory Schemes Policy. The draft policy indicates proposed changes to the policy to provide more equity in apportionment of charges to contributors and Council, and reflects changes to legislation since the last update in 2014.

Read the Draft Contributory Schemes Policy below:

Your views are important to Council and will be taken into account in the final adoption of a revised policy.

To provide feedback please complete the online survey below:

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