Draft Waste Wise Events Policy - Community Consultation

Frankston City Council is considering developing a Waste Wise Events policy, to minimise waste and litter at events.

It is proposed that this policy would apply to Frankston City Council, commercial and community events, on land and in venues managed by Council, where there is no lease, licence, tenancy agreement or hire usage in place.

This policy may only apply to commercial and community events where an event application is made to Council. This could include festivals, ceremonies, exhibitions, functions, conferences, parties and other recreational activities.

The policy would NOT apply to events at venues with a lease/licence/tenancy agreement or with hire usage, such as events at community centres and sports grounds.

A survey is now open for public feedback and Council is encouraging the community to have their say.

To provide feedback, complete the below community survey:

If you are an event organiser, stall holder, food and beverage vendor or entertainment provider, please contact Council’s Waste Minimisation Officer on 1300 322 322 for a separate survey.

Closing date for feedback: Friday 22 February, 2019

Privacy Policy

Frankston City Council is collecting this survey information using SurveyMonkey. Survey responses will be used to inform the development of a draft Waste Wise Events policy. You may choose to complete the survey anonymously, however please provide your name and contact details if you would like to be notified if/when the draft Waste Wise Events policy is released for pubic consultation. Survey responses will be separated from any contact details that you provide. Your contact details will only be used to notify you if/when the draft Waste Wise Events policy is released for public consultation. For further information about how your information will be handled, please see Council’s privacy policy at frankston.vic.gov.au and SurveyMonkey’s privacy policy at surveymonkey.com/mp/policy/privacy-policy

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