Draft Reconciliation Action Plan

Council is working together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and other key stakeholders to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The RAP will provide a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation and the development of specific strategies and initiatives to enhance Council’s ability to connect and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Frankston City. The RAP will enable Council to continue to build relationships, respect, trust and opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

A RAP has four possible stages:

Stretch Elevate

Each stage is designed to suit an organisation at different stages of their reconciliation journey.

Frankston City is currently working within the ‘Innovate’ stage: meant for organisations who had some level of reconciliation work underway but need to form a more structured, cohesive and strategic reconciliation framework moving forward.

Working with our community

Over the past 16 months, Council has worked with external agency, Nyuka Wara Consulting, who have helped numerous Councils and other government bodies to develop their Reconciliation Action Plans. Consultant Eddie Moore has worked with Council’s Reconciliation Officer to undertake an extensive consultation and engagement process, including an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Consultation Workshop at local Gathering Place, Nairm Marr Djambana on 14 October 2019, pop-up community consultations at Frankston North Community Centre, Bayside Shopping Centre and Frankston City Library, an online community survey and an online staff survey.

We are now in the final stages of community consultation. We need your feedback on the final draft of our RAP, see below and attached. Should you have any comments, please contact us via the below methods no later than Tuesday 23 June.

View the Draft Council Reconciliation Plan here (1MB).

How to submit:

Grant.Lea@frankston.vic.gov.au using the subject line ‘RAP community feedback’

By mail:
Att: Grant Lea
Frankston City Council
43B Davey Street
Frankston VIC 3199

Grant Lea
Reconciliation Officer
9784 1749

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