Draft Lighting Frankston Plan

We are seeking your feedback on the Draft Lighting Frankston Plan 2020 which has been prepared to guide Council’s approach to lighting of public open spaces across the municipality.

The Draft Plan seeks to extend the public’s use of various recreational and urban spaces in a safe, comfortable and sustainable manner as they come to life after dark.

Good lighting is not always noticeable, but bad lighting is often overwhelming and a key outcome of this lighting plan is to foster a safe and comfortable environment for both humans and nocturnal ecosystems alike.

The Draft Plan establishes new lighting experience typologies and priorities based on an analysis of existing lighting in Frankston City. A suite of lighting principles and design guidelines have been developed to determine the delivery of appropriate responses for future lighting projects.

Importantly, the Draft Plan includes a clear implementation plan that establishes municipal-wide lighting priorities across a range of project scales for the next 10 years.

To view the Draft Lighting Frankston Plan 2020 please click and download the PDF document on this page located under Related Documents.

You can provide feedback on the Draft Lighting Frankston Plan by any of the following methods:


Email: Urbandesign@frankston.vic.gov.au


Mail to: Urban Design Team – Frankston City Council – 30 Davey Street Frankston 3199

Please note that the closing date to provide feedback is Sunday 4 April 2021.


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