Draft Industrial Land Strategy Review


There are four core industrial precincts within Frankston City Council: the more recently developed Langwarrin and Carrum Downs precincts and the older Seaford and Seaford North precincts (see map below).

industrial land map

In 2018 Council surveyed businesses within its industrial precincts and identified high levels of industry commitment to Frankston City Council as a preferred location for business, with numerous businesses planning to expand and grow.

Council’s industrial precincts are a major source of economic activity and employment, currently employing in the order of 11,560 people, the quantum of industrial land supply remaining means that alternate sources for job creation will need to be explored.

Charter Keck Cramer were engaged to undertake a review of Frankston’s Industrial Strategy 2009, assess industrial land supply, investigate the capacity of industrial precincts to accommodate new uses and businesses, review transport connectivity and examine interface issues and the need for urban design guidelines.

Charter Keck Cramer have prepared an Industrial Land Strategy Review, November 2019 – Frankston City Industrial Precincts. The review identifies that Frankston City Council’s industrial precincts are almost fully developed with only 20 hectares or two years industrial land supply left. The industrial precincts of Seaford and Seaford North are considered to be fully developed with older aging stock. The report reviews a number of sites for their suitability for future industrial development but identifies that most are subject to various development constraints. Therefore the scope to expand industrial activity in Frankston is very limited.

At its 29th of June 2020 Ordinary Meeting, Council noted the findings and recommendations of the Draft Industrial Land Strategy Review, November 2019 – Frankston City Industrial Precincts. The recommendations are:

a) Review the land use zoning of the Frankston East industrial precinct.

b) Develop a strategic vision and program of actions to facilitate the renewal of aged industrial stock and ageing precincts.

c) Develop urban design guidelines that encompass directions for the management of front setbacks, the improvement of streetscapes, the management of waste and storage.

d) Implement the 2009 urban design vision for Lathams Road as a high amenity gateway with extensive landscaping and high quality cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

e) Engage with Public Transport Victoria and the Department of Transport to advocate for a review of bus service frequencies and routes for buses that service industrial precincts, the provision of new bus stops in the northern portion of Carrum Downs, more direct public transport connectivity from and to Cranbourne and other suburbs east of the municipality.

f) Develop a shared cycle route through Lathams Road that connects with the Peninsula Link Trail.

g) Develop east west cycling connectivity that supports accessibility from Cranbourne.

h) Investigate the prevalence and impact of non-traditional industrial uses in industrial locations.

i) Address issues of disorderly industrial sites via local law enforcement.

j) Ensure that vegetation at the ground plane at pedestrian access points into and from industrial precincts is maintained to avoid safety risks;

You can find the Council Report as part of the Agenda of the Ordinary Meeting of Monday, 29th of June 2020 here.

Where you may inspect documentation

The Draft Industrial Land Strategy Review, November 2019 – Frankston City Industrial Precincts is available for public inspection from 4 August 2020, free of charge, under Related Documents.

How can I have my say?

Any person, business and industry group who may have an interest in the draft review may make a submission to Frankston City Council.  Submissions about the review must be received by Tuesday 15 September 2020.

A submission must be sent to: Land Use Management Policy & Planning, Frankston City Council, PO Box 430, FRANKSTON VIC 3199 or info@frankston.vic.gov.au

Alternatively you can place a submission through Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ page here.

Who can I talk to?

If you have any questions about the Review or require a hard copy of the documentation, please contact Robert Lean on (03) 9768 1304.

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