Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017–2021 (DAMP)

Council is about to undertake a review of its Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017–2021 (DAMP) with a view to developing a new DAMP for the next four years.

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires Victorian Councils to develop a DAMP every four years. Frankston City Council is about to commence the development of the 2020–2024 DAMP and would like to hear your views on how we could improve our services to the community.  

The review of the Domestic Animal Management Plan provides the community with an opportunity to give feedback on services, programs and policies the Council uses or provides. These guide our staff in order for it to address the administration of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and the management of domestic animal issues in the community. 

There are a range of things that we would like to receive your thoughts on, including:

  • Cat curfews
  • Fenced free roam areas
  • Free roam areas on the foreshore
  • Dogs being walked on sports ovals
  • Cats roaming outside of their premises
  • Owners feeling safe when walking their dogs
  • Things that concern you regarding cats and dogs

View the current DAMP 2017–2021 below

How to provide feedback

Residents have several options for providing feedback. 

Option 1: Complete the online survey which contains specific questions relating to the review of the DAMP, then provide your additional feedback via our online feedback form

Option 2: Complete the online survey only, which contains specific questions relating to the review of the DAMP

Option 3: Complete the online feedback form only which has no specific questions. 

Option 4: Provide your feedback by email using the subject line "DAMP Review" - email:

Option 5: Mail hard copy feedback to: 

Att: Compliance and Safety
Frankston City Council
PO Box 490 
30 Davey Street
Frankston VIC  3199

Feedback closed 9am Monday 15 June 2020

Questions and concerns 

Email: or phone: 1300 322 322



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