Climate Change Big Ideas Forum - Take action

Frankston City Council is seeking community feedback to help us better understand our community’s priorities for responding to the threat of climate change.

Climate change is happening now and we are experiencing the impacts on our community, economy and environment. In November 2019, Council declared a climate emergency, recognising that urgent action is needed to address climate change and keep people and the environment safe, now and for generations to come.

We would love to hear your big ideas on ways Council and the community can respond to the threat of climate change. You can also use the online forum to vote on other people’s big ideas.

When thinking about ways to respond to climate change, please consider ideas to:

  • Address the cause and severity of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; this is known as greenhouse mitigation

  • Adapt and build resilience to the unavoidable impacts of climate change; this is known as climate adaptation

The ideas from this forum and the Climate Change Community Survey will inform Council’s future climate actions. Find out more at

Closing date for submitting your big ideas

  • Wednesday 26 August 2020

Other ways to provide feedback

Further information

To learn more about climate change visit Council’s Climate Change webpage. To find out what Council has been doing to address climate change, please download Summary of Council Actions (1MB)

Contact Us 

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the Climate Change Big Ideas Forum email:

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