Brighton Street Reconstruction Works

The Project

Frankston City Council is planning to undertake the Brighton Street Road and Traffic improvement works between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive. The works proposed along Brighton Street includes construction of a footpath, drainage, kerb & channel, and asphalt works.

Why is the project needed?

Brighton Street was incorporated into the Traffic Study undertaken for Sweetwater Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) in 2019 and 2020. During the community consultation for Sweetwater LATM a number of concerns were raised by the local community such as rat running, heavy traffic volumes, excessive speed limits and pedestrian safety due to lack of footpath along Brighton Street.

The Traffic Study concluded that a number of traffic treatments should be implemented along Brighton Street to improve safety for residents, the local community, pedestrians and road users.

The revised Sweetwater LATM was adopted by Council at its meeting on 29 June 2020. The detailed report, along with copy of LATM plan and minutes of Council meeting can be accessed by clicking here.

Refer to the section related to Meeting OM9 - 29 June 2020.

Scope of works

The scope of works to be undertaken along Brighton Street includes:

  • Construction of concrete footpath on the north side along the even numbered properties of Brighton Street between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive.

  • Convert part of Brighton Street to be one way (eastbound) for vehicle traffic between Humphries Road and Norman Avenue, through a realignment of the kerb and narrowing of the road width.

  • Retain two way vehicle traffic for the remainder of Brighton Street, between Norman Avenue and Baden Powell Drive.

  • Modify the Humphries Road and Norman Avenue where intersecting with Brighton Street, to suit the one way traffic direction.

  • Modify the Hotham Street intersection to only allow a right turn into Brighton Street and to avoid vehicle traffic from nearby properties travelling in the wrong direction and using Hotham Street as a shortcut.

  • Install a Bus suited Flat-Top speed hump outside No.9/No.16 and No.58/No.55 Brighton Street (see attached Image 1 below).

  • Relocate the existing Bus Stop outside No.58 Brighton Street to outside No.62/No. 60 Brighton Street. Council has received the support from Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on all proposed changes to the bus stop infrastructure.

  • Construction of indented car parking bays on north side of Brighton Street between Norman Ave and Baden Powell Drive (where possible considering existing infrastructure – see attached Image 2 below).

  • Installation of new underground stormwater drainage pipes, between Humphries Road and Baden Powell Drive.

  • Introduce parking restrictions during waste collection times, and changes to on-street parking to accommodate the provision of a new footpath.

  • Modify vehicle crossings where required (at no cost to residents) to facilitate and provide safer vehicle access into properties. Resident access will be maintained during construction and when this is not possible, Council’s Project Officers and contractors will seek alternative arrangements and provide advance notice.

  • Construction of footpath along Humphries Road near Brighton Street will connect to the existing broader path network along Humphries Road

Impact on existing Parking and Traffic conditions

Please note the resulting road alignment will result in the following:

  • Odd numbered properties on the south side of Brighton Street will be required to place their waste bins on the opposite side of the road on even numbered north side of the street. On-street parking restrictions will also be imposed with No Stopping on the north side on garbage collection day for a period of the morning to enable the safe and efficient collection of waste bins, (see attached Image 3 below).

  • Introduce dedicated sections of on-street parking along Brighton Street on the north side between Humphries Road and Norman Avenue, this is an added benefit of the one-way traffic conversion, which currently has no safe parking opportunities. As a result, on street parking on the south side of Brighton Street will be prohibited and formalised through the installation of No Stopping signage.

Example of Flat top speed hump which also suits Bus route

Image 1 - Example of Flat top speed hump which also suits Bus route

Example of ‘On Street’ Indented Car parking

Image 2 - Example of ‘On Street’ indented car parking

Example of ‘No Stopping’ Restriction on north side on Garbage Collection day

Image 3 - Example of ‘No Stopping’ restriction on north side on garbage collection day

Project funding

Council has allocated a budget of $710,000 excluding GST to implement the various road works and safety improvements along Brighton Street in the current 2020/21 financial year Capital Works Program budget.

Project timeline:

The design works for Brighton Street are due for completion by mid-September following with the construction works expected to start in November 2020 and due for completion by March 2021. All dates are subject to the changing COVID-19 situation and any potential restrictions on construction activities in the future and disruptions due to weather during the works.

We will send you further information confirming the actual starting dates and any changes to the duration of works one week prior to works starting along Brighton Street.

What are the implications for residents while the works are carried out?

During the construction works there is likely to be noise and dust from construction activities, all of which will be within recommended EPA guidelines. Access to properties is likely to be affected due to the proposed works. However, Council’s appointed contractor will endeavour to provide at least 24 hours’ notice in case of any restricted access to properties.

Brick pavers in the vehicle crossing will be removed and replaced with plain grey concrete. If owners wish to salvage brick pavers please get in touch with Council’s Project Manager, Karamveer Singh to discuss a preference.


If you have any further queries related to this project, please contact Council’s Project Manager Karamveer Singh on 1300 322 322 or email

How can I provide feedback?

All feedback can be submitted directly to Council’s Project Manager via contact details provided above and must be received no later than 4pm on Friday, 18 September 2020.

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