Council Elections 2016

The Frankston City Council elections, held in October 2016, elected nine Councillors from three wards as follows;

North East Ward
1 Sandra Mayer
2 Michael O’Reilly
3 Colin Hampton 

North West Ward
1 Kris Bolam
2 Lillian O’Connor
3 Glenn Aitken 

South Ward
1 Brian Cunial
2 Quinn McCormack
3 Steve Toms 

These nine Councillors form the Council which will serve the community from 2016 until 2020. 

What if I Didn’t Vote?

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is the statutory service provider for all local government elections. As such, the VEC is responsible for all aspects of the Frankston City Council elections including sending ballot packs to all enrolled voters and managing the infringements process for any failures to vote.  Council cannot influence the infringements process.

In early 2017 the VEC will send an “apparent failure to vote” notice to all* persons who were enrolled to vote and failed to do so, asking for an explanation about why they did not vote. 

* Please note that an exception applies to any person who was aged 70 years or over on election day (22 October 2016) - people in this category will not be sent an “apparent failure to vote” notice, and will not be fined for not voting.

Further information about the infringements process is available on the VEC’s website:

Alternatively the VEC’s telephone number is 1300 551 575.

Further Information

Further information about the 2016 Victorian council elections is available on the VEC’s website.

Election Period Policy

Frankston City Council’s Election Period Policy sets out the restrictions, requirements and expectations that apply during the period leading up to an election.  

You can also request a copy of the policy from Council’s Governance team at Council.

Summary of Election Campaign Donation Returns

Section 62 of the Local Government Act 1989 requires a person who was a candidate in a council election to submit an election campaign donation return to the CEO within 40 days after the election day. 

The CEO must then ensure that a summary of each election campaign donation return given is made available on Council's website.  This summary of election campaign donation returns is published in accordance with section 62A of the Local Government Act 1989.

A copy of an election campaign donation return is available for inspection at Council's offices during office hours.

Next Frankston City Council Elections

The next general elections for Frankston City Council are due to be held in October 2020.

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