Stage 2: Restrictions reduced

Federal Government framework:

On Friday 8 May 2020 the Australian Prime Minister announced a three stage plan to act as a guide for Australian states and territories to implement processes to ease COVID-19 restrictions, noting that state and territories will move at different times based on local conditions. Details of the Federal Government 3 stage approach can be found here.

Victorian Government directions:

On Sunday 24 May 2020 the Victorian Government announced stage 2 restrictions reduced as follows:

  • Playgrounds, outdoor communal gym equipment and skate parks open for up to 20 people from starting 11.59pm Monday 25 May. Kids and adults must adhere to public gathering limits and practice social distancing.
    Any breaches or offending persons can be reported to Victoria Police by calling 131 444.

Upcoming stage 2 restrictions reduction:

Effective from 11:59pm Sunday 31 May

  • A total of 20 people in your home including members of the household will be permitted
  • Outdoor gatherings can also increase to 20
  • Overnight stays can resume at private residences
  • Overnight stays can resume in for vacation reasons
  • Overnight stays can resume in for camping grounds and caravan parks without shared facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Up to 20 people allowed at weddings excluding plus the celebrant and couple
  • Up to 50 people allowed at a funeral plus those required to conduct the ceremony  
  • Up to 20 will be allowed at other religious ceremonies plus those required to perform the service
  • Libraries, youth centres and other community facilities may be open with no more than 20 people in a single area plus those needed to operate the space
  • Entertainment and cultural venues like galleries, museums and historic sites may be open. Physical distancing and a limit of up to 20 patrons per space will apply and indoor venues will be required to keep customer contact details
  • Swimming pools may also open with limits of 20 people and additional safety requirements in place
  • Community sporting activities will also be permitted with up to 20 people in undivided spaces, provided the sport is outdoors, non-competition, non-contact, and people are able to play 1.5 metres apart. Restrictions on professional sport will remain unchanged
  • Beauty and personal care services like nail salons, spas, tattoo parlours will be able to open with up to 20 customers per space – with customer contact details required to be kept
  • Auctions and open for inspections will also be subject to the 20-person limit plus those required to conduct the activity – with agents also required to keep the contact details of everyone who attends
  • Non-food and drink market stalls will also be able to open

If community transmission rates continue to remain low and testing rates continue to remain high, the Victorian Government will look to further relax restrictions from 22 June and potentially add the following:

  • Indoor fitness and recreation facilities may open with up to 20 people per space and up to 10 people per group or activity at any one time
  • Up to 50 people will be permitted in restaurants, cafes, galleries, museums and for the first time, cinemas and theatres. The ski season may also open slightly later this year on 22 June.

Current stage 1 restrictions reduction:

  • 5 people (family and friends) are permitted in each other’s house
  • 10 People permitted outdoors in groups
  • Weddings can have 10 guests
  • Funerals can have 30 mourners outdoors 20 mourners indoors
  • Community sport training can resume (limit of 10 people)
  • Fishing and boating can resume limit of 10 people still applies
  • Counselling / welfare support meetings such as AA meetings permitted at Community Centres (same rules as above)
  • Golfing can resume.
  • If you can work from home you must work from home, this has not changed
  • The state government have developed a plan to return students to school, some students will be returning from the 26th of May with all students back in the class room by June 9 
  • You can exercise in a public park (the 10-person group limit applies).

Frankston’s implementation of the State Government directions:
The implementation of the above changes will be undertaken as soon as operationally possible.

Centenary Park Golf Club

The Centenary Park Golf Course will open tomorrow Wednesday 13 May. There has already been strong interest by people wanting to play golf. Clublinks has been very proactive working with our Parks Golf Course team to ensure the course is ready to open. Key arrangements of the reopening include:

  • Golf allowed in groups of four
  • Appropriate times between tee off to separate groups
  • Additional course supervision to ensure social distancing
  • 1 person per buggy
  • Driving range will be opened
  • Lessons and clinics will be available with appropriate social distancing
  • Pro shop will be open to allow payments etc
  • Limited food and beverage available.

It should be noted irrigation works are continuing at the course for the next two weeks with minimal interruption to golf play. In accordance with the State Government regulations the Centenary Park Golf Clubhouse will remain closed, however, the toilets will be open under the supervision of the Centenary Park Golf Club. The course has over 100 online bookings for each day this week indicating a strong demand by the golfing community. 

Community Sport

The State Government have eased restrictions around community sport and exercise. The announcement was quite general in nature requiring the practicalities to be worked out with the peak sports bodies and clubs. Council’s Recreation team will be keeping Frankston clubs updated in order to make the transitions over the next few months as easy as possible. In order to do this the Recreation team expect to be in regular communication with clubs and be on hand to answer queries as they arise. 

General arrangements include (as per state government regulations):

  • Sport and exercise participants must maintain 1.5m distance
  • There is a maximum of 10 people allowed
  • Non-contact sport only allowed
  • No access to club facilities permitted except for toilets
  • Use of shared sporting equipment to be minimised
  • If a sport has more than ten people in a team only 10 are allowed to train at any time.

Sport Specific information:

  • AFL Vic – no training
  • Tennis Vic – recommend limited forms of tennis – up to 10 people per site, tennis coaching etc
  • FFV – no training at present – awaiting guidance and return to training guidelines
  • Basketball – an indoor sport and as such cannot open
  • Netball – outdoor courts only for training
  • Other sports – the Recreation team will work with other sports to assist with their reopening and protocols.


These are allowed with a maximum of 10 people, including the instructor(s), subject to a current permit. The activity must be done with people spaced 1.5 metres apart. The Operator is required to keep a contact list of people who attend.

Exercising in a Park

  • People can exercise in a public park (the 10-person group limit applies)
  • Playgrounds and skate parks are gradually opening.

Beaches and Waterfront

The only changes to the current restrictions at the Waterfront and Beaches is that they now allow gatherings of up to 10 people. Stage one of easing restrictions in Victoria allows public gatherings of 10 people which includes household members and other people. A person cannot organise, or knowingly attend a gathering, of more than 10 people. Council continues to encourage social distancing with signage in these locations.

Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC)

Remains closed however outdoor boot-camps with a maximum of 10 people including instructors is permitted provided a permit has been issued.

Boat Ramps & Piers

Are open with social distancing encouraged.

Community Centres, Public Halls and Public Libraries

Can be used as a place for delivering essential services such as food bank services for the homeless, support services such as parent groups, youth groups, men’s behaviour change groups and Alcoholics Anonymous, provided they ensure appropriate physical distancing is in place by keeping at least 1.5 metres between people at all times.


Public Libraries remain closed. The facilities can be used solely as a venue for essential services or support groups with up to 10 people.

Indoor sports

Remain closed.

Frankston Arts Centre

Remains Closed. This is reviewed and updated monthly, at this point it is not anticipated that the Arts Centre will reopen until at least 31 July 2020.

Working for Victoria Community Cleaning Blitz

The Municipal Association of Victoria have advised that there will be a Cleaning Blitz starting on Thursday 14 May at the earliest, and continue across the following 4 weeks only. This will run 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm each day. A total of 2,200 FTE is being provided by the State Government and they will be coordinating this. This is a response to the easing of restrictions. The State Government provide training, hazard assessments, and induction is included in the contract including public liability insurance.

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