Relief and Recovery Package

On May 11 2020 Frankston City Council unanimously endorsed a $6.434 million enhanced Relief and Recovery Package as part of its proposed Annual Budget 2020–2021 to support local short, medium and long-term COVID-19 recovery initiatives.

As well as building on the services and supports in place, the enhanced package identifies further targeted ways Council will ensure individuals, communities and businesses are best positioned to recover over the coming year. The Package includes a range of grant programs to support community groups, businesses, artists and sporting groups throughout our community.  Details on how to apply for these grants is now being developed and will be released shortly. Please keep an eye on Council’s website for further details.

Read the full release, here. Below are some key highlights from the Relief and Recovery Package.

Supporting Individuals

We understand that many individual residents are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. Council is committed to supporting anyone under additional financial strain to make it through this difficult time. Council’s support includes, but is not limited to:

  • A total of $1.2 million to provide rate relief to residents, in the form of a $200 rate waiver where one or more owners are receiving Centrelink unemployment JobSeeker Payment. Council is also suspending penalty interest and legal action to recover outstanding rates until at least the end of September 2020
  • $50,000 to support cleaning of the city’s community shower service
  • $30,000 to deliver care packages to our city’s elderly and isolated residents and providing regular phone checks in to see what other support they may require
  • $30,000 to assist students to purchase essential study materials
  • $270,000 worth of staff redeployment support to assist with increased community needs
  • $300,000 to Community Support Frankston, to purchase food and equipment from local suppliers

Supporting Communities

Many Council services form a critical part of our community: keeping people connected, informed and supported With many of these services temporarily closed or otherwise impacted, we are providing the funds to ensure continue our tradition of community support. Council initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Repurposing and expanding our community grants pool to $500,000
  • $150,000 waiver of tenancy and ground allocation fees for local sporting clubs until at least September
  • $75,000 invested in our customer service channels, to ensure our community can reach us easily any time they need
  • Continuing to support of critical library services, with free online borrowing, an expanded collection of e-resources alongside live streaming of events such as story time and author talks via our social media pages
  • $20,000 for the creation of an arts collective encouraging artists, writers and film makers to create stories, short films and to capture imagery for a community reflection piece
  • A further $50,000 to develop a creative industries and arts grant program
  • Saving our local RSL’s an extra $7,000 by waiving maintenance fees for the next 12 months

Supporting our Economy and Employment

Rebuilding a strong local economy will be vital to Frankston City’s ongoing recovery, ultimately having a positive knock on effect to individual and community recovery. Council’s support includes, but is not limited to:

  • An additional $270,000 pool of ‘fast grants’ for business directly impacted by COVID-19, increasing the total Council Business Grant Program pool to $450,000
  • More than $50,000 in outreach support, information and tools for local businesses to help them plan, prepare, adapt, upskill and communicate to their customers
  • Council has moved forward our supplier payment dates, to ensure suppliers are receiving payment as quickly as possible to help with cash flow
  • $130,000 in rent relief to business operators within Council owned buildings
  • $40,000 to develop loyalty programs targeting local business and buy-local marketing campaigns.
  • Up to two hours free parking, in Council owned and managed city centre off-street car parks (commencing 1 July 2020)
  • Waiving around $160,000 worth of operational fees such as Food Act registration and kerbside trading fees

View the full package details via the related document.

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