Customer Service Centres - Closure Advice

Due to stage three lockdown restrictions, our face-to-face customer service centres will temporarily close from Monday 27 July. The majority of our services are available online, and where they are not we will work closely with our customers to find suitable arrangements.

Customers with no online access

Please contact us with your specific enquiry, so we discuss your individual needs and find an alternative way to help you. You can do this however suits you best, either by email, phone or on live chat between 8.30am – 5pm business days.

Cheque or Cash payments

Cheques can still be mailed in to us for processing. Please be sure to include all details of what the payment is for.

Frankston City Council
PO Box 490
Frankston  VIC  3199.

Cash payments for rates and animal registrations are accepted at your local post office. If you would like to pay cash for any other account, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Planning and building enquires

Planning and building assistance is currently being provided remotely by staff.

Please contact Customer Service via live chat or phone, and we will organise for you to speak with a Planning or Building officer to discuss your specific request. In cases were remote alternatives cannot be found, appointments may be organised.

Home Care accounts

Customer Service can take your payments for accounts over the phone using a credit or debit card. Please call our friendly team, who can assist you.

Alternatively, cheques or money orders can be mailed in for processing.


If you have a query about your rates, you can contact customer service via phone or live chat to discuss.

You can pay your rates online using our website or via BPAY. If you would like to pay your rates using cash, this can be facilitated at your local post office.

Please note, first instalments for the 20/21 rates notices are not due until the end of September, at which time we expect to have reopened.

Pet registration

Pet registration renewals can be paid online via our website.

New pet registrations can be processed online via our website by completing the request and uploading the relevant paperwork.

Parking Infringements Appeals

You can appeal your infringement online by clicking here.

Subpoenas and Legal Documents

If you need to serve council with a legal document of any sort, you can post them via Registered post to our PO box and still meet the rules of service.

Frankston City Council
PO Box 490
Frankston  VIC  3199.

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