Managing Customer Complaints

Our Commitment

Council is committed to effective complaints handling and delivering customer focused services. Your comments provide us with valuable feedback to enable continued improvement to the services we deliver to the community.

How do I make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with an action taken, a decision made or service provided by Council (or a delay or failure in taking action, making a decision or providing a service), you can make a complaint to Council.

You should first raise your complaint with the department that provides the service you are complaining about.

If you are unsure who you should contact, phone 1300 322 322 and you will be put through to the appropriate person.

Please clearly outline your complaint and the outcome you are seeking and ensure that you provide all relevant facts including dates, times and contact names.

Please also provide an email address, mailing address and a mobile phone number.

How will my complaint be investigated?

Your complaint will be directed to the business unit best able to deal with the issue. An officer in the relevant business unit will receive your complaint and resolve it, if possible. If the outcome you are seeking cannot be achieved, the officer will advise you of the reasons why.

A response will be provided within 28 days.

What if the complaint has not been resolved and I wish to escalate it?

If a complaint has not been resolved at the first point of contact, it can be escalated in accordance with the complaints process:

  1. Department Manager
    If you are not satisfied with the Officer’s response, you can request for the complaint to be referred to the Department Manager. The Manager will consider the complaint, review the matters raised, and provide a response within 28 days.
  2. Director
    If you are not satisfied with the Manager’s response, you can request for the complaint to be referred to the relevant Director. The Director will consider the complaint, review the matters raised, and provide a response within 28 days.
  3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    If you are not satisfied with the Director’s response, you can ask for your complaint to be referred to the CEO. The CEO, as the head of the Council’s administration, is the final internal Council contact for any complaint. The CEO will consider your complaint and may either review the matters raised and provide a response, or may decide that the complaint raises issues which require investigation by Council's Internal Ombudsman. If the CEO refers your complaint to Council’s Internal Ombudsman, you will be advised of the expected time frame for completion of the investigation.
  4. Council Internal Ombudsman
    The Internal Ombudsman will conduct an investigation and report the findings of the investigation, with a recommendation, back to the CEO. The CEO will then decide what action to take in response to the findings and recommendation and the final outcome will be communicated to you.

For more information about the role of Council’s Internal Ombudsman please see the Victorian Ombudsman website below:

Further actions

A letter from the Chief Executive Officer is the final step in Council’s complaints process.

If you are not satisfied with the final outcome of your complaint, you have the right to take it to an external agency such as the Victorian Ombudsman.  

The Ombudsman will usually require that you have already raised the complaint with the Council.

For more information please call the Ombudsman’s office on 9613 6222 or visit the Victorian Ombudsman website above.

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