Tenders for Abandoned Vehicles

Tenders are invited for the purchase of the following abandoned vehicles, pursuant to the Local Government Act 1989. The closing date for tenders is 12.00pm on Tuesday 19 October 2021.

Note: Where possible all vehicles available for Tender and listed below have been checked against the Personal Property Securities Register. Successful tenders will need to take into account registered financial/security interests, if any.

Council accepts no liability for impounded vehicles released by Tender and which are subsequently found to be financially/security encumbered.  

Please see below a the list of abandoned vehicles with vehicle information and video inspections:

1996 Holden Statesman Sedan Gold

Description: 1996 Holden Statesman Sedan Gold 

Vehicle ID: 1SC2HD 

Council Reference: 10895 

PPSRsecurity: No 


2002 Mercedes Benz Sedan Silver

Description: 2002 Mercedes Benz Sedan Silver 

Vehicle ID: RUG584 

Council Reference: 10896 

PPSRsecurity: No 


2001 Holden Commodore Sedan Blue

Description: 2001 Holden Commodore Sedan Blue 

Vehicle ID: REI823 

Council Reference: 10894 

PPSRsecurity: No


2009 Honda CRV Wagon Blue/Grey

Description: 2009 Honda CRV Wagon Blue/Grey 

Vehicle ID: XNS891 

Council Reference: 10977 

PPSRsecurity: No


2012 Ford Focus Wagon Blue

Description: 2012 Ford Focus Wagon Blue 

Vehicle ID: 1CT6CJ 

Council Reference: 12404 

PPSRsecurity:  No


1998 Toyota Landcruiser Blue

Description: 1998 Toyota Landcruiser Blue 

Vehicle ID: SPU192 

Council Reference: 11165 

PPSRsecurity: No


2008 Ford Mondeo Sedan Grey

Description: 2008 Ford Mondeo Sedan Grey 

Vehicle ID: XZO613 

Council Reference: 10974 

PPSRsecurity: No 


2003 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon White

Description: 2003 Mitsubishi Magna Wagon White 

Vehicle ID: 1AV4MX 

Council Reference: 11879 

PPSRsecurity: No



2007 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan Grey

Description: 2007 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan Grey 

Vehicle ID: USN533 

Council Reference: 12230 

PPSRsecurity: No



2003 Honda CRV Wagon Grey

Description: 2003 Honda CRV Wagon Grey 

Vehicle ID: 1ER2BX 

Council Reference: 92235 

PPSRsecurity: No



2002 Peugeot 307 Sedan Maroon

Description: 2002 Peugeot 307 Sedan Maroon 

Vehicle ID: 1EY1XP 

Council Reference: 12899 

PPSRsecurity: No



Tenders must be submitted by email to tender.box@frankston.vic.gov.au using only the Abandoned Vehicles Tender form(DOCX, 53KB). Tenders submitted by other means are invalid and will not be accepted.

The highest or any other tender may not necessarily be accepted.