Street Numbering Enquiries

It is the responsibility of all property owners (including owners of vacant land) to display a street number at the front of their property.

Making sure your property has a street number that is clear and visible to others is very important; not only to ensure that your mail is delivered correctly but also in an emergency situation the Police, CFA, SES and Ambulance Services can easily find you. Emergency Services have warned that hidden or non-existent street numbers can waste time, and in an emergency situation every second counts.

What should my street number look like and where should I display it? 

Your street number should be:

  • at least 100mm in height 
  • located on the front boundary 
  • reflective and in a contrasting colour to the background 
  • located as close to the driveway as possible 
  • visible from both directions 

It should be attached to one of the following:

  • a letterbox 
  • a post 
  • a dedicated board 
  • the boundary fence

Street Numbering for new properties or subdivisions 

If you are doing any of the following work:

  • building a new property 
  • building a property as a dual occupancy 
  • applying for a plan of subdivision through Town Planning 

Once you have submitted your building plans and documents to Council they will be referred to the Rates Department and you will be sent a confirmation of your street number.

Property Address Enquiries

Please complete the Property Address Enquiry Form if you have any of the following enquiries:

  1. Your property is on a corner and it has been allocated an alternative address to the adjoining roadway and you would like it changed. 
  2. You have recently purchased a property or purchased 'off the plan' and you are having trouble connecting to third party services.
  3. If your third party service provider advises that your property address doesn't exist in their property records.
  4. If you are having trouble getting your mail delivered from Australia Post due to an address discrepancy and require confirmation of your Council approved address.