Survey finds satisfaction with Council performance up 17.5 per cent

Published on 10 September 2021

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Mayor Kris Bolam said annual Community Satisfaction Survey results finding satisfaction with Frankston City Council’s overall performance is up 17.5 per cent – the best results in 10 years – are heartening.

The Mayor added that the survey found average satisfaction with Council services and facilities is above the metro average and also found that strong improvements in Frankston City community satisfaction with core aspects of performance including condition of sealed roads (up 16.7 per cent), community decisions (up 16.7 per cent), lobbying and advocacy (up 10.9 per cent), consultation and engagement (up 10.5 per cent) and customer service (up 7.2 per cent).

Mayor Bolam said: “Continually delivering the best outcomes for residents is at the heart of our services, advocacy and engagement. While these results are heartening, we know there’s work to do and will always strive for the best for the Frankston City community.”

The State Member for Frankston, Paul Edbrooke MP, said: “It is pleasing to see that our current Council have been able to increase their performance in serving our community especially in such difficult times. I’m proud to work hand in hand with a passionate and committed Council to make Frankston better than it has ever been now and in the future.”

Mayor Bolam said the survey results are complemented by Council’s renewal of its governance processes, adding: “Council is completely dedicated to exemplary leadership and governance in the best interests of all Frankston City residents.”

Council CEO Phil Cantillon stressed that Council is firmly focused on providing significant social and economic supports to the community via the $9,128,000 COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Package.

Mr Cantillon said: “The Coronavirus pandemic has created significant difficulties for residents, businesses, sporting and community groups and Council is united in its determination to support the community as it recovers from the challenges of COVID-19.”

For more than two decades, the Victorian Community Satisfaction Survey has been asking the residents of municipalities across the state to rate the performance of their Councils.

In 2021, social research company Metropolis Research conducted the survey on Frankston City Council’s behalf, using a random sample of 811 residents.

The annual Community Satisfaction Survey measures the perceived importance of Council’s services and facilities to the Frankston City community.

The survey helps Council to identify current issues that matter to residents and whether residents believe Council is meeting these needs.

The survey also measures community perception of key issues, such as safety, traffic, parking and measures any perceived change in our overall performance.

Results are used during Council’s annual budget planning and help Council to develop plans and policies that best meet the community’s needs.

Key findings from the 2021 survey include

We are proud of and enjoy living in the area – 68 per cent agreed.

Community is accessible and inclusive for people with disability – 58 per cent agreed.

Community is welcoming/supportive of diverse cultures people – 57 per cent agreed.

Perception of safety in public areas of Frankston City – during the day 5 per cent felt unsafe and at night 24 per cent felt unsafe.

Households indicating they have run out of food at least once in the last year – 4 per cent.

Top services and facilities

Weekly garbage collection, local library, fortnightly recycling collection, food and garden waste collection and services for children.

Council services and programs, which should receive much more, more, the same, less or much less funding

Aged and Disability Services (57 per cent want more funding), City safety (56 per cent want more funding), roads and traffic management (49 per cent want more funding), youth services (49 per cent want more funding), family and children’s Services (48 per cent want more funding) and leisure centres and pools (26 per cent want more funding).

Council’s 2021 – 2022 Budget provides nearly $260 million to fund service delivery and key projects including $65 million for Frankston City’s Capital Works Program. Funding for service delivery and key projects in 2022 – 2023 will be considered as part of Council’s next Budget, which includes extensive community consultation.

Mayor Bolam thanked all residents who provided feedback for the Community Satisfaction Survey 2021.       

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