Have your say at Engage Frankston!

Published on 22 July 2021

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Engage Frankston! is Council’s new engagement platform which allows residents, visitors and community groups to have their say on local plans, projects and activities.

North West Ward Cr Steve Hughes encouraged people to visit the convenient engagement portal.

Engage Frankston! is a one-stop-shop for all community consultations. It seamlessly links all our engagement activities and is the go-to place to give us your feedback. 

“For Council, community engagement means involving our community in decisions that interest or impact them. We are strongly committed to actively engaging and listening to the needs and desires of the Frankston City community,” Cr Hughes said.

Engage Frankston! is a place where community can share their ideas and provide feedback on Council issues and projects that matter to them. It is also a resource hub for the City’s Community Panel and an interactive and collaborative space for residents to interact with Council and each other.

The user-friendly site offers a wide range of functions to suit our diverse community, and there are many different options for people who want to provide a lot or a little feedback.

Director Business Innovation and Culture, Shweta Babbar said: “When our community is engaged, they can see how their contributions make a difference in their community.  

“The more people that have their say, the better we can understand and include people’s different views, experiences aspirations and expertise in our decisions,” she said.

The Engage Frankston! Portal features places to share stories, create social maps, complete surveys, review questions and answers, jump into chats and comment on ideas walls.

Jump online and visit Engage Frankston! today.

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