Cameron Smith honoured with memorial at Station Street, Seaford

Published on 01 December 2021

Cam's bench

A memorial for Cameron Smith featuring a plaque and bench seat has been installed at Station Street, Seaford, with support from the State Member for Carrum, Sonya Kilkenny MP, Frankston City Council and Mr Smith’s family and friends.

The plaque and bench seat were unveiled at a memorial service to honour and pay tribute to Mr Smith, who was tragically killed in November 2020. The service was attended by Mr Smith’s family, friends and workmates, the Seaford community, Ms Kilkenny, Mayor Nathan Conroy, Deputy Mayor Suzette Tayler, Councillors Sue Baker, Steven Hughes, Liam Hughes and Council CEO Phil Cantillon.

Cameron’s father, Mike Smith, thanked those attending the memorial service for their support, adding: “This has been a very difficult year and a very emotional day for Cameron’s family, his friends and his workmates.

“Cameron was a very talented and gifted young man, but more importantly he was an exceptional human being. Cameron never wanted for himself – he gained much pleasure in helping others,” he said.

Mr Smith thanked those involved with installing the memorial including Ms Kilkenny, Frankston City Council, particularly Coordinator City Works Paul Wellington, and Cameron’s workmates.

Ms Kilkenny said it was a year since Cam was out getting dinner with his girlfriend, Natasha, when his life was tragically cut short.

“All of us were shocked and saddened, but none of us can possibly imagine the profound sense of grief and loss that Cam’s family and friends have endured over the past year.

“But what I hope is clear to Cam’s father, Mike, mum Michelle, sisters Taylah and Chantelle, and those close to Cam is that our local Seaford community is with you to offer love, support, care and kindness,” Ms Kilkenny said.

Ms Kilkenny said the seat at the memorial was built by those, including his co-workers, who knew and loved Cam.

“All of us feel that creating this place has been an important thing to do – a special place for Cam’s family, friends and the community. A special place to remind us to look out for one another and be kind as a community,” she said.

Mayor Conroy said our community was distressed and saddened by the death of Mr Smith following an incident in Seaford.

“This is a solemn day and I want to thank Cameron’s family, friends and workmates for the time and care they have taken to see this happen.

“I’d also like to thank Ms Kilkenny for her efforts in bringing us together around this project. This place will be a place for reflection, but it will also be a legacy,” Mayor Conroy said.

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