Frankston Youth Council

The Frankston Youth Council are a youth action group and advocacy that are made up of fifteen 12-24 year olds who live/work/study within the Frankston municipality. Young people who participate in the Frankston Youth Council come from a range of different backgrounds and have many varied life experiences.

To give an example of what Frankston Youth Council do during the year, they:

  • provide advice and suggestions to Frankston City Council on issues that may affect young people in the community
  • plan, organise and run youth projects
  • volunteer at events and within the community
  • hearing from guest speakers from the community
  • and having the opportunity to participate in training and workshops

The past 2 years, they have decided to put their resources and focus on dealing with the issue of youth homelessness. This year they have volunteered at John Paul’s Community Companion Food Van and advocated on behalf of Youth2 Campaign at a Council meeting. And to top it all off, they have also been hard at work sourcing toiletries, snacks and drinks for this year’s batch of Kindness Kits. This year they have produced 75 Kindness Kits that have been donated to Community Support Frankston, Whitelion and Lifegate. These organisations were chosen by Frankston Youth Council because they work directly with people in need in the Frankston area.

In 2014 to 2017, the Youth Council organised the Annual ‘Frankston 'Stand for Change', an anti-bullying event that has reached thousands of young people.

Be Part of a Change

Frankston Youth Council applications for 2020 are closed. Recruitment for 2021 Youth Council will be in January 2021.

Contact Us

Frankston Youth Central
60A Playne Street
Frankston 3199
P. 03 9768 1366

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