Roller Derby

So what is roller derby? A game played between two teams, each with five players in a lineup at one time on the track. Each lineup is made up of one pivot, three blockers, and a jammer. The pivot is recognized by her striped helmet cover, the jammer wears a helmet cover emblazoned with a star on each side, and the blockers have no helmet covers at all (but their helmets often have a plethora of stickers). Each game is 60 minutes, made of two 30-minute periods that are further broken down into two minute jams. Each jam is a race to see which jammer can score the most points. The jammer earns a point for every member of the opposing team she passes.

Roller Derby Club and Venue

  • Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club - McClelland College, 31 Belar Avenue, Frankston
  • South Sea Roller Derby - SK8 House, Carrum Downs and Springers Leisure Centre, Keysborough

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