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Visit Frankston are now running regular street art tours. For more information see the Discover Frankston website.

Frankston city centre’s skyline has been transformed, thanks to the inaugural Big Picture Fest.  

The three day festival has brought the community together with experienced street artists, who have been commissioned to transform drab walls in high profile locations across Frankston’s city centre.

Big Picture Fest Artists and Locations

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Smug: Rear Braaap Frankston factory in Park Lane
Street artist Smug has spent years transforming the facades of multistory buildings in Glasgow, into significant works of art. Originally from NSW, the expat has gained a reputation in Scotland for creating imagery with photo realism.  @smugone

Loretta Lizzio: Both sides of The Alley Barber in Stiebel Place
Loretta has transformed some of Melbourne’s industrial precincts with images of forgotten fairy tales, spectacles of cinema, fleeting glances and dog-eared National Geographic’s to create art which tells a story.  @loretta_lizzio

DVATE: The Frankston Foundry wall on corner of Keys Street and Wells Lane  
DVATE uses street art to celebrate our natural environment, with significant pieces paying homage to native animals.  @dvate

Lucy Bonnin: Station Street end of Gallery Lane    
Lucy has transformed significant spaces in Adelaide, celebrating geometric shapes and bold colours. @bonninart

Tristan Kerr: Corner Olsen Street and Olsen Lane
Tristan creates a patchwork of text, imagery and colour to transform spaces an dstart a conversation.  @tristan_kerr

ZEDR: Both sides of The Alley Barber in Stiebel Place  
ZEDR’s works celebrate significant cultural figures, such as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. He also creates faces with haunting accuracy.  @zedr_one

ORDER 55: 2nd Story of Robinson’s Book Shop on Stiebel Place
Adelaide artist Order 55 is intrigued by the relationships between geometric forms and the growth patterns within nature. Finding an aesthetic balance between these two forces is a common thread of his work. @order55

The Big Picture Fest will be overseen by Brecknock Consulting and Joel Van Moore, the creator of the popular Port Adelaide Wonderwalls Festivals. It is being funded through the city’s Street Art Masterplan, part of the Victorian Government’s $63 Million Frankston Station Precinct Redevelopment.

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