Mosaic stream by Anna Minardo

The area of the mosaic stream is approximately 150 square metres and was inspired by water, waves and marine life through the use of different materials, marbles, granites and Venetian Glass called Smalti imported from Italy.


Frankston Foreshore
Pier Promenade


In 2004, Frankston City Council commissioned painter sculptor and mosaicist Anna Minardo, to complete an artwork as part of the redevelopment of the Frankston Foreshore.

The project was installed as part of the new Frankston Waterfront, particularly around the pier and the mouth of Kananook Creek. As part of the ongoing renewal of the foreshore, through grants from the State Government Community Support Fund and Arts Victoria, picnic facilities have also been expanded, restaurants established and an adventure playground built.

With Anna’s architectural background, she has delivered not only a design but also the manufacture of the different concrete paths and all components of the mosaic fabricated on honeycomb panels by taking in account the vehicle loading up to ten tones.

The Minister for the Arts at the time, Mary Delahanty, unveiled the artwork in 2005.

Artist's website

Visit Anna Minardo's website for more of her amazing artwork...

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