Fresh Entertainment (FReeZA)

FReeZA Frankston is an innovative youth development program that provides opportunities for young people to enjoy live ALL AGES events that are affordable, accessible, drug, alcohol and smoke-free in supervised and safe venues.

Funding from Frankston City Council and FReeZA grants provided by the Victorian Government give young people the opportunity to become part of a FReeZA committee. The Frankston based FReeZA program is called ‘Fresh Entertainment’.

For over 15 years, the Fresh Entertainment team has planned, organised and run all sorts of live events such as Open Mic Nights, Push Start Battle of Bands, markets, variety shows, movie nights, Skim and Skate competitons, as well as a dedicated Emerging Artist stage at Frankston’s Waterfront Festival. All programs and projects are facilitated and supported by Youth Workers. 

Keep up to date with Fresh Entertainment (FReeZA) using our Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp pages:

Frankston youth recording studio

The Fresh Recording Studio is located at Ebdale Community Hub and exists as a safe and relaxed space for young people to express themselves creatively and learn skills in audio production.

The studio program offers partnerships between emerging young musicians and volunteer Audio Engineer mentors. Some of these tracks are featured on Fresh’s annual compilation album and performed live at the album launch event. Visit our Bandcamp for previous compilation albums:

To express your interest in recording at the studio please complete the Expression of Interest form(PDF, 263KB) and email it to:

Feel free to call Imogen or Cal for more information about these opportunities on 03 9768 1366.

Compilation Album (videos)

As part of this annual project, 5 young artists record original tracks at the Fresh Entertainment Recording Studio with a volunteer audio engineer mentor.

Artists participating in the Compilation Album project have the opportunity to take part in ‘Making it in the Music Industry’ group training facilitated by The Push. Artists are also invited to perform their tracks at the album launch event.

Learn more about each of the 2021 Compilation Album artists by watching their videos:



Volunteer as a sound engineer

FReeZA Frankston are grateful for the Volunteer Audio Engineers who make studio projects possible for young people in our community. Volunteer hours are flexible and volunteers have access to studio facilities. Volunteer audio engineers and music producers are trained, resourced and supported by FReeZA facilitators so that they can develop their own initiatives and projects at the recording studio with young local musicians and performers. Volunteers must be 18+ years old and are subject to an application and interview process.

To read more about the role of a volunteer audio engineer as part of our studio program please read the position description(PDF, 174KB).

To express your interest in becoming a volunteer audio engineer at our studio please complete the FReeZA Audio Engineer Application 2022(PDF, 968KB)  and email it to

Open mic nights

Fresh Entertainment host an all ages open mic night, where local performers can showcase their talents including:

  • musicians
  • poets
  • comedians and more.

This is a family-friendly event.

You can either register on the night or prior by emailing the Fresh Entertainment committee on



Apply online

Step 1.Prepare your application

Review and complete the FReeZA 2022 - Fresh Entertainment Program Application Form(PDF, 671KB).

Step 2.Submit your application 

Send your completed form to:

Step 3.What happens next?

We will contact you to notify you of the outcome of your application. 

If successful, you will join our committee of young people aged 15-24 in free opportunities for networking, professional development and hands-on experience with creative and organisational aspects of event planning in Arts, Music and Culture.