Road Management Plan

What is the Road Management Plan?

The Plan outlines Frankston City Council's road management responsibilities and details the standards of road maintenance service for roads within this municipality.

The Plan also describes the management system established by the Council to carry out its duty under the Road Management Act 2004 to inspect, maintain and repair public roads for which it is responsible. And by road, we mean the full road reserve area, from building line to building line, which includes the kerb and channel, the roadway, the footpath, traffic islands, street trees and signs but not the nature strip area or vehicle crossings.

The Road Management Plan aims to:

  • Reflect our commitment to providing a safe and efficient road network for use by all members of the public by identifying assets for which the Council is responsible.
  • Document our commitment to a level of service having regard to affordability, sustainability, community priorities, policies and strategies.
  • Provide a basis to ensure the Council has taken reasonable care in providing a safe and efficient road network for the community.

Where can I get more information?

The Plan may be viewed and downloaded via the related documents section of this page.  Any further information or clarification relating to the Plan may be obtained by contacting Sustainable Assets at the Civic Centre, Davey Street, Frankston during normal business hours.

Road Management Plan Review

Under the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016 Council must conduct a Review of its Road Management Plan during the same period as it is preparing its Council Plan. Section 125(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 1989 requires each municipal council to prepare a Council Plan within the period of 6 months after each general election or by the next 30 June, whichever is later, unless the Minister administering that Act extends the period under section 125(4) of that Act. 

The Review for the Road Management Plan has now been completed and endorsed by Council at its OM 301 on the 23 May 2017 and is available for public inspection and copying, either on Council’s website or at its Civic Centre at 30 Davey Street Frankston. 

It is Council’s intention to amend its current Road Management Plan, at a time to be specified, in accordance with the recommendations of the Review and pursuant to Regulation 10 of the Road Management (General) Regulations 2016 where aggrieved persons may make submissions as to the appropriateness of the proposed amendments. 

A public notice shall be given when the Regulation 10 Amendment process is to commence.

Maintaining Roads and Footpaths

When you see yellow lines on local roads and footpaths, this is part of Council’s regular maintenance programs to assess any issues with kerbs, roads and footpaths.

Council’s work crews can then easily locate the site to decide on appropriate repairs and to make the area safe within three days.

Asset inspections are conducted between every month to two years depending on risk and location, e.g. school areas are checked more frequently than zones with less traffic.

A recent audit showed that 99 per cent of the local pathway network is in good condition and over 95 per cent of roads meet the target condition level.

To help Council maintain a safe environment, you can report road issues online.

Contact Us

Frankston City Council
30 Davey Street
P. 1300 322 322

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