Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan

Frankston’s Green Wedge spans the greater South-East Green Wedge that covers parts of Carrum Downs, Frankston North, Skye and Langwarrin, and a smaller portion in the Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge that covers parts of Langwarrin South and Frankston South. The Frankston Green Wedge is an important asset for the city for its sustainable land management and opportunity for rejuvenation and change. 

Frankston’s Green Wedge

Council’s Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) identifies the Frankston Green Wedge as one of the key non-urban areas designated in the state government’s metropolitan strategy (Plan Melbourne 2017-2050) and that it contains a wide range of environmental, economic and social values. The various future roles of the Green Wedge land will need to be further defined and protected.

The Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) of the Frankston Planning Scheme contains objectives that relate to the future management and protection of the Frankston Green Wedge. The LPPF requires the preparation of a Green Wedge Management Plan (GWMP) for the municipality. This is a substantial undertaking that requires the commitment of resources over an extensive period, for research, consultation, implementation and proper evaluation.

A key opportunity of an overall strategic approach to the Green Wedge is for a Development Contributions Plan to be considered to help secure funding and investment from new development to enhance the Green Wedge’s natural habitat values and as an environmental and recreation resource for Frankston.

The large land area and the diverse nature of the environmental, economic and social values of the Frankston Green Wedge makes it difficult for people to usefully respond to the call for public input into the future management of the Green Wedge.

The Green Wedge area is essential to the long term sustainability of Frankston and the wider south-eastern metropolitan and Peninsula areas. It is expected that the Frankston GWMP will help to ensure the diverse values of the Frankston Green Wedge are available for the enjoyment of future generations.

Green Wedge Management Plan

The final Frankston GWMP will provide for short, medium and long term management strategies for land use activities and new development within the Frankston Green Wedge. The Issues Paper has helped to elicit a range of submissions and proposals, including the outcomes from a facilitated stakeholder engagement group. While many of the proposals are complementary, some advocate for bold changes in land use and development possibilities for key areas of the Green Wedge.

The submissions and proposals provided within engagement phase have presented some challenges for setting out an overall strategy. Officer review and evaluation resulted in three distinct approaches for how Council could pursue change for this important area:

  • Option 1: a ‘minimal change’ approach that seeks to make minor adjustments to existing planning controls where anomalies have been identified during the public consultation period and that proposes complementary actions to support incremental changes for existing uses. Zone and lot size changes consistent with Green Wedge objectives could be considered. However no changes to the ‘urban growth boundary’ would be required.

  • Option 2: a ‘specialised’ approach that seeks to maintain the existing land use and zoning situation for the majority of the Green Wedge lands allowing for incremental improvements, but in this case also seeking some substantial changes to zones in Precincts 1, 3 and 5 and to minimum lot sizes in Precinct 2. This option will require some changes to the urban growth boundary in up to 3 of the 6 precincts.

  • Option 3: a ‘bold’ approach that seeks to transform the entire Green Wedge study area, with strong differentiation between the six identified precincts and the consideration of significant zoning and land use changes to support key areas of new activity. This option will require changes to the urban growth boundary potentially in all 6 precincts.

All three options will still allow for new mechanisms such as a Development Contributions Plan to be considered to help secure funding and investment from new development to enhance the Green Wedge’s natural habitat values and as an environmental and recreation resource for Frankston. Under Option 2 for example, achieving zoning changes to less than 8% of the current Green Wedge land in Frankston City could help fund landcare and nature conservation improvements across the whole Green Wedge area.

At its 2 July 2018 Ordinary Meeting, Council noted the submissions to the Green Wedge Management Plan Issues Paper and noted the outcomes of the Frankston Green Wedge Engagement Group report.

Council also authorised officers to progress the drafting of a Green Wedge Management Plan utilising the approach described as Option 2, noting that this option includes the consideration of potential Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and zoning changes in Precincts 1, 3 and 5 and minimum lot size changes in Precinct 2.

The full agenda report and minutes can be found via the link below:

Council’s resolution on Option 2 will guide officers on the development of a Project Brief for suitably qualified consultants to prepare the draft Green Wedge Management Plan. The draft GWMP as prepared by the Consultants will be ready for Council review by December 2018. It is likely to be then made available for a further round of consultation, before being considered for adoption by Council in March 2019.

Green Wedge Management Plan Issues Paper

To assist the intent of achieving wider consultation, the Planning and Environment Department engaged SJB Urban to prepare the Frankston GWMP Issues Paper in late 2016.This Issues Paper summarised the main values and activities within the Green Wedge area under topic headings, to help people to understand the key challenges that could be considered. These key issues will be further addressed and developed in the final GWMP.

The resulting Frankston GWMP Issues Paper was divided into the following chapters:

  • Biodiversity and Nature Conservation
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Economic Development
  • Extractive Industries
  • Recreation and Open Space

The Frankston GWMP Issues Paper also describes the next steps required in the process towards a final Frankston GWMP Plan. These include:

  • Establishment of a project Working Group.
  • Providing an overarching vision for the Green Wedge.
  • Preparing precinct descriptions and objectives within the Green Wedge.
  • Conducting public engagement workshops with key Green Wedge stakeholders and undertaking a social media and website campaign.
  • Provided a clear summary of the workshops including a recommendation to progress the development of the plan.
  • Reviewing and reporting on all submissions received about the Issues Paper

On 18 April 2017, Council resolved to undertake public consultation of the Issues Paper.


The Issues Paper was on public exhibition from 11 August 2017 to 13 October 2017. Consultation activities included:

  • An Information Meeting held at the Frankston Football Club on 14 September 2017 with nearly 300 people in attendance.
  • Here people had the opportunity to join the Green Wedge Engagement Group, which comprised of approx. 50 participants.
  • Providing documents, including a FAQ Sheet, available at the Civic Centre and Council Customer Services throughout the city;
  • Letters circulated to every household in the Green Wedge area and interested parties. Additional letters were sent to around 600 additional households outside the Green Wedge area.
  • Information in the “Have your say” section of Council’s Website;
  • Use of Social media including Facebook; and
  • The Green Wedge survey available on the Council web site.

A total of 49 written submissions were received as of 13 October 2017.

The Engagement Program objectives were for stakeholders (those from inside the Green Wedge and the wider Frankston community) to provide input into the development of the GWMP. Specifically stakeholders were asked to advise on (1) the vision and (2) how Green Wedge land will be used in future as an asset including sustainable land management, rejuvenation and change.

The Green Wedge Engagement Group, which was a representative group of people (approximately 50) that convened for a series of meetings to enable them to become highly informed and provide considered advice to Council on the various challenges inherent in a GWMP.

This group was made aware of the ‘non-negotiable’ issues relating to the preparation of the GWMP such as recommendations relating to:

  • Local Laws: must be consistent with the Local Government Act 1989.
  • Zoning changes: must be consistent with Plan Melbourne.
  • Capital works proposals: must be subject to Council budget processes.

The Stakeholder Engagement group met on four occasions during the last quarter of 2017. This was facilitated by MosaicLab engagement consultants.

The full agenda report and minutes can be found here in this link:

Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan Documents

Surrounding Council Plans

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History of the Green Wedge Zone

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050  is the Victorian Government’s long-term planning strategy, guiding the way the city will grow and change to 2050. The strategy outlines measures to support jobs close to homes, services and transport and identifies the areas that will accommodate Melbourne’s future growth. 

Direction 1.4 of the policy deals with State Government’s direction with regards to the productive use of land and resources in Melbourne’s non-urban areas.

Direction 2.1.1 outlines the State Government’s direction on the long term development priorities for Melbourne and Victoria with regards to the urban growth boundary.

Further information on Melbourne’s Green Wedges and the preparation of management plans can be found on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website:

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Planning practice notes provide advice about the operation of the Victorian Planning Provisions and municipal planning schemes as well as a range of planning processes and topics.

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