Strategic Planning Projects

Strategic Planning Projects

Some of the exciting Strategic Planning Projects in Frankston City.

Green wedge RS.jpg

Frankston City Green Wedge Management Plan

Information and documents regarding Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan.

Frankston CBD and Shoreline

Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan and Guidelines

FMAC Structure Plan and FMAC Illustrative Guidelines - Neighbourhood Character and Urban Design Outcomes.


Frankston Planning Scheme Review

Every four years Council undertakes a review of the Frankston Planning Scheme.

housing strategy report

Frankston Housing Strategy

2018 adopted Housing Strategy for Frankston City.


Karingal Major Activity Centre Structure Plan

This guides future development over the next 20 years.

Draft Landslide Susceptibility Study

Landslide Susceptibility Study – Cliff Road Area

The Cliff Road Escarpment is an area of historically significant landslip activity.

Seaford Wetlands RS.jpg

Seaford Wetlands Residential Environs Study

Council adopted the study at its 12 August 2019 Meeting

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