Amendment GC41

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment GC41 and notice of approval of the amendment will be published in a Special Government Gazette on 29 February 2016.  The amendment:

  • Applies the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) to the flight paths of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services helipad at Frankston Hospital to protect operational airspace of helicopters.
  • Introduces the requirement for a planning permit and referral of development applications to the Department of Health and Human Services so that it may assess potential impacts to helicopter flight paths at Frankston Hospital. The ‘inner’ DDO (Schedule 10) requires a permit for any buildings and works that exceed the elevation of the of the helipad. The ‘outer’ DDO (Schedule 11) requires a permit for any buildings and works that exceed a height of 10 metres above the elevation of the helipad.
  • Makes the Department of Health and Human Services a determining referral authority, in accordance with Clause 66.04, for planning permit applications that exceed the heights specified in the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ DDO’s.

The amendment provides protection for the flight paths used by Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations from encroachment by future development that could prejudice the safety or efficiency of the helipad at the relevant public hospitals.

Flight path protection for HEMS operations is crucial for the delivery of trauma services to the most critically ill and injured patients across Metropolitan Melbourne and the State of Victoria.

Controls on new buildings and works within the flight paths will protect the long term viability of the helipad and associated flight paths. Without such protection, development in the vicinity of a helipad could jeopardise its safety and efficiency, and could potentially result in closure of a helipad to the detriment of Victoria’s emergency medical system.

A copy of the Amendment can be inspected free of charge at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website and free of charge during office hours, at the offices of the Frankston City Council, Civic Centre, corner Davey and Young Streets, Frankston.

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