Planning Zones and Overlays

When contemplating the purchase of a property it is important to find out what planning controls cover the site and maybe those adjoining. This will assist in making informed decisions as to how the site may be developed and what it can be used for.

All properties are covered by a planning zone which states how the land can be developed or built on and what is prohibited. The property may also be covered by an overlay which may set further restrictions on the land in terms of design, vegetation, geology, heritage, flood levels etc. If the property is covered by a heritage overlay for example, there may be significant restrictions on the site to help in its preservation.

Updates to the Bushfire Management Overlay

The Victorian Government has reviewed mapping for the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO), and the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme maps have now been updated to include more properties in the overlay.

The mapping was reviewed as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implement all of the recommendations of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and were developed in partnership with the CFA and CSIRO.

What is the BMO?

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to land that may be significantly affected by a bushfire.

The BMO triggers the need for a planning permit for certain uses, developments and subdivision, and requires appropriate bushfire protection measures.

Is my property affected by a BMO?

You can check if your property is affected by the BMO using the Government's Planning Maps Online tool.

More information

To learn more about the BMO and the recent updates, visit

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) are a way of protecting and managing Aboriginal cultural heritage, with the involvement of Registered Aboriginal Parties, while allowing development to proceed. If your site is within an area considered to be of aboriginal heritage sensitivity and the proposal will result in significant ground disturbance as defined under the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007, then it is likely you will be required to provide an approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) to Council.
A CHMP is a written report, prepared by a Cultural Heritage Advisor, containing the results of an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed activity on Aboriginal cultural heritage. It outlines measures to be taken before, during and after an activity in order to manage and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage in the activity area.

Decision making authorities, such as State or Local Government agencies, will not be able to issue statutory approvals such as a work authority, licence or planning permit, for certain activities without first receiving an approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan for that activity.

More detailed information on the zones and overlays is available on the Frankston Planning Scheme Website.

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