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Planning Application List

It is a requirement under the Planning and Environment Act (1987) that we provide a planning applications list. This information is presented in a predetermined format. The data is from 01 January 2006.

Legislative Requirements

We've taken into account the Information Privacy Act 2000, the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Subdivision Act 1988, in determining the contents of the Planning applications list and the Town Planning Application Search Module.

Please note that as a user of the Planning List and Town Planning Application Search Module you may be covered by the Commonwealth Privacy Act or the Victorian Information Privacy Act in relation to your collection and handling of information.


Frankston City Council authorise these pages which are intended to be used by the enquirer. These pages must not be used for any other purposes, given to a third party or used for direct marketing facilitation.

The information contained within the register relates only to town planning applications lodged with Council for town planning permits. It does not contain information in relation to proposed developments for which a town planning permit is not required.

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