VicSmart applications

VicSmart is a simple and fast assessment process for straightforward planning permit applications.

VicSmart applications follow a shortened version of Council's planning process and are subject to the normal appeal process if you disagree with Council's decision.

Is my application VicSmart?

Your application must meet set criteria to be considered under the VicSmart process.

The following application types can be assessed as VicSmart, as long as the application meets all the criteria and the proposal is located in the specified zone or overlay:

  • Construct or extend a front fence in a Residential Zone
  • Construct a building or carry out works (up to $100,000) in a Residential Zone
  • Construct a building or carry out works in Commercial or Industrial Zones
  • Construct a building or carry out works in Special Purpose Zones
  • Construct a building or carry out works in an overlay
  • Remove, destroy or lop one tree
  • Minor building works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay 
  • Minor building works in a Special Building Overlay
  • Display an advertising sign in a Commercial or Industrial Zone
  • Reduce the requirement for car parking
  • Construct a building or carry out works in a Rural Zone
  • Extend one dwelling on a lot in a Residential Zone

Subdivision application types (lodge online via SPEAR):

  • Minor subdivision in a Heritage Overlay
  • Minor subdivision in a Special Building Overlay
  • Subdivide land to realign the common boundary beyond two lots
  • Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space
  • Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots

We recommend you hire a land surveyor to assist with a VicSmart subdivision application.

Prepare your application

You must provide all required information with your VicSmart application. Otherwise, we will request further information, which will slow down the processing time.

To ensure you submit all the required information, download the relevant VicSmart checklist(s).

VicSmart application fees

The fee charged for each VicSmart application is based on the estimated cost of the development:

  • $10,000 or less - $199.90
  • More than $10,000 - $429.50
  • VicSmart application to subdivide land - $199.90

Lodge VicSmart application online

You will need the following to lodge your VicSmart application online:

  • A full and recent (no older than 3 months) copy of your Certificate of Title including the Plan of Subdivision and correct ownership details - Obtain a copy of your Title or Property Certificate
  • Copy of plans and supporting documents
  • A Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card to pay the relevant fee (we don’t accept Amex/Diners card online)

Note: All VicSmart subdivision applications should be lodged via SPEAR by your land surveyor. 


Lodge offline

If you cannot use our online form, please complete the offline version of our VicSmart planning permit application form (297KB) . Please lodge your completed form and all application documents electronically to Payment will be requested from you once the application is received. If you have any difficulties with this please contact Planning and Environment Support on 9784 1733.

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