Planning forms and checklists

Fees may apply for some of the following planning forms. Check our Planning Fee Schedule.

You may also need to submit a recent copy of your Title or Property Certificate - Obtain a copy of your Title or Property Certificate.

Request planning information and endorsed plans

Apply for a planning permit

Amend a planning permit

Amend a planning application

Submit further documentation for an application

Application for satisfaction matters

Application for a certificate of compliance

Extension of time to a planning permit

Subdividing before development completion

Object to a planning application

Request removal of a Council tree for private development

You should only submit this form after we have approved the removal of the street tree, either as part of your planning permit application or through a separate Tree Protection Local Law application.

Request approval for demolition – Section 29A Report and Consent Approval

Liquor licence application checklist

Multi-dwelling development checklist

Satellite dish checklist

Checklist for planning applications on sites affected by the Special Building Overlay (flood-prone sites)

Amend a Section 173 Agreement

Request for Section 173 Agreement Preparation

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